Insight | A nose-to-tail success story in business aviation


A nose-to-tail success story in business aviation

  • Inmarsat and Honeywell, long-time collaborators for over 25 years, have worked together and showcased the power of their enduring relationship.
  • Download our case study A nose-to-tail success story to delve into how they have and continue to deliver seamless, best-in-class connectivity from cabin to cockpit in the business aviation industry.
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The reason why Inmarsat can deliver the best industry-leading connectivity services is simple.

We only work with the best industry-leading suppliers. That means never having to compromise. Never settling for second best. And never being content with achieving anything less than the gold standard. Never settling for second best. And never being content with achieving anything less than the gold standard.

Since we first worked together over 25 years ago, the relationship between Inmarsat and Honeywell has gone from strength to strength. Successfully evolving from the manufacturer of the hardware for terminals to providing avionic expertise in satcom, Honeywell continues to anticipate and meet the needs of the business aviation industry. Our case study recounts – and celebrates – this success story.

To download the full case study, please click below.

A synergy of systems and service

Truly integrated solutions have set this relationship apart. As Steve Hadden, Honeywell’s General Manager of Hardware and Services for Connectivity, explains “our two companies undertook the challenge to use existing assets to create a better experience for business passengers. Combined they were world-beating: Inmarsat has the best network and Honeywell the best systems.”

For both businesses, the development of world-class satellite communications (satcom) is a joint enterprise: a single mission to which we are totally committed. Together we offer our clients the confidence of a unique ‘cabin-to-cockpit’ solution backed by a shared knowledge and passion for business aviation.

Inmarsat and Honeywell have an extremely successful track record of working together in the business aviation market. Our combined market know-how, out-of-the-box thinking, and technology innovation have enabled a large global customer base to enjoy gold-standard inflight connectivity, wherever and whenever they fly.  

Kai Tang, SVP Business and General Aviation, Inmarsat

Evolving together

Meanwhile, Jet ConneX continues to evolve – anticipating the changing needs of operators, owners, and principals. The ground-breaking JX Evolution program is set to provide customers with even greater performance, value for money, and revenue opportunities.

Exciting things are also happening several miles above the flight path. Six more Ka-band satellite payloads are entering service between now and 2025, increasing the network’s total fleet to 12 – adding speed, capacity, and resilience to all services.

The expanding Inmarsat satellite network is being supplemented by a next-generation Honeywell terminal, compatible with a wide range of business jets, thereby futureproofing client investments with the very latest technology.

So, once again, the relationship is doing what it does best: ensuring that, whatever the demands of principals or however the jet market shifts, Inmarsat and Honeywell are in the right place to deliver the outstanding solutions that business aviation needs.