Communities trust governments to ensure the provision of essential services, safety and security in their daily lives. And governments trust Inmarsat for mission-critical communications to help ensure that those services are always there.

Whilst governments are often looked at to protect and police their communities, there is so much more that work with governments across the world to deliver to their citizens.

  • Ensuring the provision of essential infrastructure such as power and transportation is a crucial government role whose communications need to be maintained when terrestrial networks become unreliable or fail.
  • Satellite communications can unlock a wide range of services for distance education and health in remote areas where terrestrial and mobile networks do not reach.
  • One of the most elemental functions of a working democracy is the tenet of a free and equal vote for all.  Inmarsat has helped deliver this outcome to the most remote communities under the most difficult and time sensitive circumstances.  When failure to deliver is not an option, Inmarsat delivers certainty, 

What do governments do?  Protect, defend and enhance the lives of their citizens.  What does Inmarsat Global Government do?  Connect, support and boost the capability of government departments in meeting these objectives:

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