More than just connectivity

From containers to tankers; gas carriers to bulkers, Inmarsat has been keeping vessels safe, running efficiently and crews connected for over 40 years. However, the merchant shipping market is changing rapidly with the acceleration of digitalisation, new environmental regulations, the increasing threat of cyberattacks, and a greater focus on crew welfare and wellbeing. You need a satellite communications partner that will keep innovating and delivering products that you can trust to meet the changing landscape.

Enhancing life onboard

A functioning ship is nowhere without the selfless commitment of a talented and well-trained crew. Spending months on the open water needn’t be a personal hardship. Attract and retain the best individuals on the market by keeping them connected to the things that matter most. Keep them in touch with family and friends, enable them to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, allow them to watch the latest movies, TV, and sport, and access professional training videos and medical professionals when in need. Boost your crew’s morale and open up their world at sea with high-speed internet access with flexible and easy-to-manage plans to keep your crew happy and productive, without impacting your business-critical communication.

Performance without boundaries

When information can make all the difference to help you react instantly, sail faster, and help reduce your bottom line, we keep you connected to the things that matter most on your voyage. Make key telemetry decisions, monitor vessel performance, and measure efficiency instantly with Fleet Xpress. High-speed mission-critical satellite connectivity you can be sure of across every stretch of water, day and night.  

Digital integration made easy

Make the power of IoT, onboard sensors, and ship-to-shore communication work for you. We make digital integration easy with our Fleet Edge platform. With access to a network of trusted industry-leading partners, we can help you see beyond just data with fast, secure, and simple to use analytics and intelligence. We can be your interface to a new world of digitalisation to help unlock efficiencies and make your digital ship a reality, all without maxing out your bandwidth. Safeguard your budget and strive to remain ahead of the competition.

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Open up a world of possibilities at sea with the world’s most advanced global high-speed mobile satellite broadband network.

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Fleet Data

Strengthen business intelligence, reduce fuel emissions, enhance vessel performance, and save lives at sea with Fleet Data.

Fleet Secure

Protect your vessel from the costly dangers of the dark web. Pioneering cyber resilience at sea. 


Discover the power of Fleet Xpress, right from vessel launch

Since the introduction of Inmarsat FX on board of the Company managed vessels, several years ago, we have witnessed dramatic improvement of reliability and speed of the technology.

Nikolay Dmitriev, Technical Director

Security at heart

We are passionate innovators and have built a best-in-class service that is fully secure and independently audited. With a fully owned and operated end-to-end global satellite network, we put security at the heart of our operations. Mitigate against the threat of a cyberattack with Fleet Secure; we can help you remotely monitor your vessels, train your crew, and protect your fleets from costly delays. We work harder and smarter so you don’t have to worry.

Critical lifeline

The foundation of Inmarsat’s 40+ years in business is underpinned by maritime safety. We continue to lead the field, from the first ever International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) satellite safety service, Inmarsat C, to our next-generation GMDSS-approved Fleet Safety and award-winning SafetyNET, and an unparalleled level of network availability of 99.9%. With over 1.6 million seafarers depending on us when it matters most, our guaranteed lifeline will never let you down.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of vessels to be connected and remain connected day and night without exception. We sail beyond possibilities to keep you, your crew, and your fleet online. Globally. Always.

Case studies

Mitsubishi Ore Transportation Company (MOT)

K Line Ship management (Singapore), ONE Minato