Delivering expertise to partners in the development of major satellite programmes

We are engaging with our customers around the world to support a number of major satellite programmes in areas such as enabling search and rescue (SAR) fleets, national satellite navigation programmes, public safety networks, sovereign satellite missions and multi-nation satellite communication (satcom) projects.

We are deploying our market leading satcom services, our end-to-end our satellite engineering capabilities, our efficient satellite operations systems and our user terminal know-how in support of our customers.

Strategic partnerships

We are  working with a number of strategic partner companies, world leaders in their own sectors, to bring the power of satellite connectivity to their solutions. Our current strategic partnerships include Motorola for satellite-enabled public safety solutions, Addvalue for space-to-space communications and AnsuR for innovation in connectivity to Unmanned Aviation Systems.


Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA) will co-fund the development of a new capability for governments to plan, procure, manage and monitor their satcom services. The International Virtual Satellite Operators Network (INVISON) is a secure, user-centric platform that is part of ESA’s Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S) Strategic Line aimed at transforming R&D investment into successful commercial products and services.

The programme will also see the development of new and innovative government services and applications that will be accessible in a uniform and user-friendly way over the INVISON platform.

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IDRS: Inmarsat Inter-satellite Data Relay Service

Providing low Earth orbit (LEO) and small satellite operators with an increase of real-time connectivity per orbit from 4% to 99% using Inmarsat’s exiting geostationary (GEO) L-band global network as a data relay.

We have worked with terminal development partner Addvalue to develop a capability that will allow spacecraft to stay in continuous communications with their operation centre on the ground, thereby enabling mission tasking and delivery in near real time. The Addvalue terminal onboard the LEO satellite will be able to communicate to its network operations centre via the Inmarsat network, effectively piggybacking information from one satellite network to the other.  This capability will significantly improve the operational efficiency for the burgeoning multi-satellite, LEO market.

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