Inmarsat’s rail telemetry and communications solutions give you the platform to transfer mission-critical data and provide voice communications, no matter where your trains and crews are located.

Managing an expansive rail network is in no way a simple task. Whether it is optimising network capacity or keeping crews safe, challenges arise daily. Yet a lack of cellular network coverage hampers visibility over networks, compromising your capacity to operate efficiently and safely. This is where our rail telemetry and communications solutions can transform the way you oversee your network and help bring your crews home safe.

Our solution

Our satellite connectivity supports the real-time transfer of telemetry data from your trains to control centres, as well as extending voice coverage from your drivers and staff beyond the range of your existing radio networks. Working with our global partners, we ensure control centres have the data they need to efficiently and safely monitor and schedule the movement of locomotives, rolling stock and goods across your entire rail network.

Our solutions utilise low form factor BGAN terminals, such as the Cobham Explorer 325 and 323, which are perfect for mounting on vehicles, locomotives and other machinery. This is combined with the PRISM Push-to-Talk (PTT) radio communications system that links to the terminal to provide voice communication. By choosing the most cost-effective connectivity channel, our solutions extend coverage beyond the line of sight and ensure you stay connected with crews, wherever they are located.

Connectivity services

Built on our rock-solid L-band network, our rail telemetry and communications solutions ensure that you can access highly reliable connectivity across your network, covering white spots in terrestrial coverage as well as providing a backup if existing networks fail. This makes telemetry data such as location, speed, heading and engine diagnostics always available to control centre operators, no matter where your networks are.


  • Real-time monitoring: Visualise all of your key metrics in real time, so you can understand conditions on your rail network wherever you’re operating.
  • Push-To-Talk: To supplement our telemetry and signalling functionality, we also provide you with Push-To-Talk two-way radio functionality, so your control centres can speak with drivers anywhere.
  • Global coverage: Reliable, global coverage with 99.5% uptime through our L-band satellite network, ensuring you stay connected at all times.
  • Installation, training and support: Our expert partners provide installation, training and support throughout the lifecycle of the agreement, ensuring you’re always connected.


  • Enhanced safety standards: By understanding where your rolling stock and maintenance vehicles are, you can reduce the likelihood of accidents or congestion.
  • Increased network capacity: With full visibility of your assets’ location, you can safely orchestrate more rolling stock on your track, leading to increased efficiency and profits.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance: Stay ahead of the game as your rail networks become increasingly subject to safety, operations and asset visibility regulations.
  • Reduce fuel costs: By increasing the visibility you have over your network and trains you can reduce fuel consumption and boost the sustainability of your operations.  

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