Global, reliable connectivity on the ground with options to suit every operational requirement.

Inmarsat’s portable, fixed and vehicular services suit the full range of government operational needs across all terrains, anywhere on the planet. Our suite of land services offers a variety of performance options to suit any operational requirement. Services are accessed through a range of portable, fixed and vehicular terminals to provide secure, reliable voice and data connectivity, wherever the action or work takes you.

Whether it be for voice, PTT, tracking or high speed data applications, Inmarsat provides terminals, airtime packages, service and support, training, consultancy and design solutions for government agencies across the world.  We deliver communication certainty, flexible mobility and 99.9% reliability.

G2X Land

G2X Land is our Global Xpress offering specifically designed to meet the land-based requirements of government agencies globally.

G2X Land comprises 10 standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month commitment terms.

Communication Certainty

This is a time of global uncertainty. So it is good to know that your satellite communications are in the hands of a network provider that has proven itself over multiple fleet generations and who has a broadband solution that is secure, reliable and available now.

Fully deployable flat panel terminals

For NGOs, military units and first responders, speed of connection and portability are key to communications in remote locations. The L3 Harris Darkwing and Paradigm SWARM flat panel terminals offer super-compact, rugged and discreet communications systems that are easy to stow and can be deployed in seconds. Ultra-moveable and lightweight, both terminals acquire GX satellites through simplified and intuitive manual pointing processes. The Darkwing uses the L3Harris ViewSat-e GUI and visual indicators for adjustments, via a user-friendly front panel display. The SWARM connects without the use of tools or training, having been designed to enable rapid deployment by nonskilled users; accessing via the built-in audio feedback and visual crosshairs of the PIM (Paradigm Interface Module). The Darkwing is compatible with 2590 military batteries; up to three can be connected in series, giving off-grid power for up to three hours, offering ultimate operating flexibility. Rugged and robust enough for harsh conditions, both flat panel terminals allow you to access the speed of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network wherever your mission takes you.

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