For automating your consumer metering and power distribution infrastructure. For continuous monitoring, control and complete visibility of your entire service territory. For improved workforce communications, safety and network resilience, even in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Only Inmarsat can deliver the connectivity you need to access consumption data, monitor infrastructure and stay in contact with your remote workforce beyond the limits of terrestrial coverage and across your entire distribution network.

Advanced metering infrastructure

Getting a reliable advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in place isn’t easy. Your challenge isn’t made any simpler by parts of your service territory having limited or no cellular connectivity, making two-way communication between you and your customers almost impossible. With Inmarsat, consider this a challenge overcome. 

Our ubiquitous satellite services can help enhance visibility throughout your service territory by extending your AMI into areas where cellular networks are unreliable or don’t exist. With our BGAN M2M and BGAN services, we can help you to backhaul data from collector points, anywhere on your utility network, no matter how extreme the location.

Distribution automation

Continuous monitoring of your distribution network is vital. Automating control across the entire network enables you to respond rapidly to voltage fluctuations, power outages or peaks in service demand. Yet, none of this is possible without access to reliable connectivity. This is where our connectivity services come in to help you connect and automate your distribution network like never before.

By placing our rugged, secure and easy-to-install BGAN M2M terminals along your power distribution lines, as a primary or secondary link to the utility’s data centre, you can automate the monitoring and control of reclosers, switches, or other distribution devices – anywhere. This gives you the tools you need to maintain continuous surveillance of your distribution network, helping boost network efficiencies and revenues.

Related Services


Our global, two-way IP data service designed for long-term machine-to-machine (M2M) management of fixed and mobile assets – no matter where they are.

IsatPhone 2

Our powerful, dependable and rugged satellite phone connects you wherever you are on the planet.

Workforce communications

A connected workforce is a safer workforce. A connected workforce is a more productive workforce. Yet, without reliable connectivity, your employees out in the field cannot stay in contact when they need it most.

By not staying connected, your crews cannot access corporate networks, meaning slower decision-making and operational inefficiency. By not staying in contact, you cannot keep your remote installation and maintenance crews safe. We’re here to remedy this.

We make access to reliable connectivity simple, wherever your workforce may be. Whether you need to send photos or videos from the field to rapidly diagnose damages, join video conferences or connect remote teams on the move, Inmarsat’s BGAN and IsatPhone 2  services enable you to react efficiently and safely to keep your operations optimised at all times.

Disaster recovery

When disaster strikes, you are expected to restore essential services without delay. But what happens if terrestrial and cellular networks go down? How can you keep in constant contact with your disaster response teams to ensure rapid and safe restoration of vital services? We understand these challenges and the impact it can have on your reputation and profitably, which is why we are here to supercharge your disaster response efforts.

Our satellite connectivity services ensure that maintenance crews are armed with secure and reliable voice and broadband connectivity, allowing them to immediately stay connected with HQ even when terrestrial networks are down. With our mobile, rugged and easy-to-use BGAN and IsatPhone 2 services, your teams can stay connected when it’s needed most, helping to quickly restore critical services and applications.

Why Inmarsat? 

  • Global coverage: We have you covered with connectivity and support wherever you are. We have a presence in over 60 countries and partner networks which span the globe.
  • Reliability: We operate the most reliable satellite network in the world. With over 40 years of experience, we understand your industry and the unique challenges it faces in today’s world.
  • Security: We are committed to highly secure operations at all times. Our privately-owned satellite network is managed by cybersecurity experts 24/7/365.


  • Increase efficiencies: Our services and solutions help you understand exactly what resources you are expending, where your people and machines are and exactly what they are doing, no matter where they are globally.
  • Health and safety: Safety is at the core of everything we do. We can help you monitor and communicate with your remote workers, wherever they are located.
  • Increase revenues: Our connectivity services can help you produce more efficiently. We enable automation anywhere on the planet and can provide the vital insight you need to make smarter, more informed decisions.  
  • Increase sustainability: understand the performance of your infrastructure and decrease wastage and inefficiency.

Case studies

Case study: Cemig

Brazilian utilities giant Cemig works with Inmarsat and OnixSat to improve the performance of its electric grid in Minas Gerais.

Case study: Benton County Electric

Utilities company solves metering infrastructure connectivity in remote areas using BGAN M2M solution from Inmarsat and Network Innovations