Go BVLOS with Inmarsat Velaris

Finally Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can step up Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). UAVs stand to completely transform the world in which we live and deliver many societal, humanitarian, environmental, and of course, commercial benefits.

So to all uncrewed aviation: Welcome to commercial airspace from Inmarsat Velaris

Delivering the right connectivity to unlock the potential of UAVs

Designed and developed specifically for the commercial Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) sector, Inmarsat Velaris is the connectivity service that will support the growth and transformation of this exciting and burgeoning space.

A global, reliable and totally scalable Command and Control (C2) service, it enables everything from simple tracking and identification for small UAVs to full aero safety services for those operating in controlled airspace. The capabilities of Inmarsat Velaris will play a critical role in unlocking the unlimited possibilities of UAVs.

As with any nascent technology, there are barriers to overcome before mainstream rollout. In the case of commercial UAVs, the potential for growth in this sector will only be realised through reliable in-flight UAV identification, security and segregation.

Previously, all UAVs had to be visible to their controllers in order to ensure safety and control.  This clearly creates restrictions and places a limit on the scalability of the UAV sector. 

In response, we have developed Inmarsat Velaris, a bespoke connectivity service that enables UAVs to be trackable and controllable BVLOS.


UAVs: Unlocking positive transformation in the world

In partnership with Cranfield University, our informative report highlights major sustainability advantages of utilising UAVs, alongside impressive efficiency benefits for the commercial, humanitarian and medical sectors. 

230 kbps

Level up on your speed with 230 kbps - enough for HD video and C2 data


New terminal weighs less than 300g, including the antenna

40 Years

We've provided safety services to aviation and maritime for over forty years

UAV Safety Service

We think we know a thing or two about safety services, it's part of our DNA. We're committed to protecting people, organisations and governments on land, at sea and in the air through our world-leading, global, mobile satellite communication safety services. From Global Maritime Distress Sasfety System (GMDSS) services on the oceans to the trusted choice for cockpit safety services on 90% of the world’s transoceanic aircraft.

Uncrewed aviation needs a safety service

  1. Ubiquitous high reliability connectivity no matter where you fly, whether behind the shadow of a mountain, or high up in the clouds. 
  2. Accurate positional information, reported back from onboard Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).
  3. The ability to combine and harmonise this data for Unified Traffic Management (UTM)
Winner of AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards Technology Hall of Fame

Key enabler of Air Traffic Management (ATM) for 30 years such as transoceanic satcom for FANS and ATM modernisation such as Iris - the secure IP-connectivity, cost-effective satellite-based data link communication over Europe.

Inmarsat is trusted by global aviation regulators to recommend technological solutions to major industry players. Our Classic Aero and SB-S products connect over 90% of wide bodied commercial aircraft and meet the required communications and navigation performance for access to the North Atlantic Tracks.

Inmarsat already has extensive UAV experience working with civil and military governments worldwide. We connect some of the most important uncrewed assets in the world with our highly reliable always on network, ELERA. Inmarsat ELERA provided backup comms for the worlds' first transatlantic crossing of a remotely piloted aircraft.

Inmarsat’s satellite launch roadmap is proactively delivering excess L-band capacity to prepare for the needs of uncrewed aviation, while the network of the future, ORCHESTRA, future-proofs against evolving use cases within the industry by seamlessly integrating LEO and 5G connectivity. And the best part, we've already begun. Our latest Velaris miniaturised terminals come with embedded LTE as well as ELERA globally available satcom

Velaris - a service for commercial uncrewed aviation

  • Reliability: operates over the Inmarsat L-band global satellite network, with 99.9% availability
  • Performance: standard IP at a rate of up to 230kbps with a low latency from 800 milliseconds
  • Easy to integrate: simple for field teams to set up, integrate and maintain without technical expertise or training
  • Cost effective: New low data rate plans for commercial UAVs
  • Easy to manage solution: remote terminal management, debugging and configuration options

Velaris Partner Network

Operate at scale with Velaris’s ability to enable one controller to operate multiple UAVs from a central location. Access a range of readily available benefits from our Velaris Partners, comprising some of the biggest names in the industry who offer transformative software and services tested and integrated with our satellite network.

  1. Incorporate additional, value added, real time, on demand commercial UAV services into your solutions through our tried and tested Velaris Partner Network: identification, video surveillance, health metrics, voice and more.
  2. Scale these services up and down as and when you need them to optimise operational efficiencies.
  3. No other drone communication service can match Velaris’s reliability in all-weather alongside C2, UTM, HD video, end-to end encryption, with terminals suitable for the vast majority of UAVs used for commercial projects.

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