Inmarsat Velaris is taking Unmanned Aviation to new heights.

Designed and developed specifically for the commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) sector, Inmarsat Velaris is the connectivity service that will support the growth and transformation of this exciting and burgeoning space.

A global, reliable and totally scalable Command and Control (C2) service, it enables everything from simple tracking and identification for small UAVs to full aero safety services for those operating in controlled airspace. The capabilities of Inmarsat Velaris will play a critical role in unlocking the unlimited possibilities of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Delivering the right connectivity to unlock the potential of UAVs

As with any nascent technology, there are barriers to overcome before mainstream rollout. In the case of commercial UAVs, the potential for growth in this sector will only be realised through reliable in-flight UAV identification, security and segregation.

Previously, all UAVs had to be visible to their controllers in order to ensure safety and control.  This clearly creates restrictions and places a limit on the scalability of the UAV sector. 

In response, we have developed Inmarsat Velaris, a bespoke connectivity service that enables UAVs to be trackable and controllable Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

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Enabling a fast emerging world of unlimited possibilities for commercial and civil government UAV applications

Powered by the Inmarsat ELERA global satellite network, Inmarsat Velaris creates a reliable, scalable BVLOS Command and Control service that will open up limitless possibilities and support the transformation of our world:

  • Driving sustainable aviation with green electric vehicle delivery of cargo and urban air taxis
  • Delivering medical aid to remote areas and assisting other ‘blue light’ services
  • Generating climate data, monitoring borders, and helping fire authorities fight forest and brush fires and assess damage to assets remotely
  • Surveying remote lighthouses and channel marker buoys ensuring safe passage for seafarers and maritime vessels
  • Conducting remote asset inspections, automating processes, reducing human risk and saving costs

Why Inmarsat?

  • Inmarsat has 30 years’ experience enabling air traffic management and aviation safety.
  • We also have extensive UAV experience working with civil and military governments worldwide, utilising our market-leading, award-winning, secure and ultra-reliable L-band network, ELERA, which already safely guides tens of thousands of business and commercial aircraft across the globe every day.
  • Our relationships with OEMs and our broader ecosystem of expert partners – including UAV developers – makes Inmarsat ideally placed to ensure the promise of the commercial UAV market is fully realised. 

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