A uniquely versatile IoT platform

ELERA IoT brings together Inmarsat’s market-leading ELERA L-band connectivity network, our suite of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabling services and our unrivalled, expert partner ecosystem to deliver a uniquely versatile IoT platform.

Inspiring new IoT possibilities

The rapid increase in IoT deployments in the last few years, as highlighted in our  report Industrial IoT in the time of Covid-19, demonstrates the confidence in IoT to help industry overcome some of the world’s most challenging forces.

Whether you are an agricultural producer looking for a cattle tracking solution, an IoT solution provider looking to break into new markets, or an IoT ecosystem provider looking for a connectivity backbone, ELERA IoT can help your business meet these challenges head-on.

Discover how ELERA IoT is inspiring innovation across industries and sectors and delivering a tangible competitive advantage to organisations all over the world.

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ELERA IoT is driving the AgTech revolution. It provides the agricultural sector with the connectivity tools to help improve yield, quality and profitability, today and into the future. From connecting cutting-edge solution providers who help producers do more with less, to connecting tens of thousands of farming vehicles through our relationships with the largest equipment manufacturers, ELERA IoT is helping the agriculture sector overcome some of its biggest challenges.

With a presence in over 60 countries and expert global partner networks, we’ve got agriculture covered with IoT connectivity and support – wherever farmers or producers are located.

Electrical Utilities 

ELERA IoT is supporting a step change across the electrical utilities sector, delivering the smart grid for everyone - not just those in urban areas. Working closely with our partner network and electrical experts, our connectivity is providing anytime, anywhere visibility and control across entire networks, no matter how remote. By enabling monitoring and automation across grids spanning thousands of kilometres, electrical producers and distributors are ensuring their customers’ lights are kept on and their mandated uptime targets are hit. 

With global coverage, ultra-high-security and market-leading 99.9% availability, electrical utilities companies trust ELERA to provide reliable connectivity in every situation.


ELERA IoT is helping underpin the rapid digitalisation of the mining industry and enabling more efficient, sustainable and safer mining practices. Our connectivity can be found enhancing the safety of workers in isolated pits, securing visibility of remote fleets through real-time telemetry data, and monitoring and automating business-critical processes and assets. Working with our expert partners alongside majors, mid-tier and junior miners, ELERA-enabled services and solutions support today’s realities – and the technological advancements to come.

Because ELERA IoT offers global coverage, ultrahigh-security and market-leading availability, it’s trusted to facilitate smarter decision making, and deliver operational efficiencies, cost savings and improved safety and environmental outcomes. 

Oil & Gas

ELERA IoT is helping deliver operational success across the oil and gas sector. Where visibility can be the difference between success and failure, ELERA ensures operational transparency from extraction through to distribution - even in the most remote locations. Connecting thousands of gas wells and hundreds of thousands of kilometres of pipelines, ELERA IoT provides the reliable connectivity to monitor and automate processes, delivering efficiencies, while reducing risks to the environment and to people.  

ELERA IoT connectivity services are easily deployed in the field, with robust terminals and weather resistant operations. Located across 60 countries, and with over twenty years of experience in the field, Inmarsat’s partner network can help build the right IoT solution for you.

Transport & Logistics 

Inmarsat’s ELERA network was designed for connecting mobile assets and remains the gold standard connectivity solution supporting the multi-modal supply chain. Our connectivity delivers real-time visibility of moving assets wherever they might be, supporting the drive toward efficient, sustainable and safe operations. In the rail sector, ELERA IoT connectivity services are found on thousands of locomotives making the most critical journeys through remote regions, carrying people and products. Multi-modal logistics companies trust us to track vehicles and other assets on land, at sea and in the air. 

The ELERA network ensures that all data producers can share their insight with your business across the multi-modal supply chain. It offers global availability, government-grade security and a market-leading 99.9% availability.

Driving IoT innovation across enterprise

In some of the remotest places on earth, in some of the most challenging conditions, ELERA IoT is helping businesses across industries and sectors meet the challenges of today – and powering innovation for the future.

ELERA: The network that realises the potential of IoT

Inmarsat ELERA is the global network for the Internet of Things (IoT) and secure narrowband connectivity. Designed for mobility and trusted to connect over a million assets globally, ELERA is the catalyst for the next wave of world-changing technologies that will underpin our connected society and help build a sustainable future.

Its unique resilience – whatever the conditions – global coverage, ultrahigh-security and market-leading 99.9% availability, ensure that it is the connectivity fabric that will inspire the new possibilities of IoT and enable organisations from all industrial sectors to access this technology anywhere, at any time.

It is also assured for the future. Thanks to the launch of our Inmarsat-6s (I-6s) – the world’s largest and most sophisticated commercial communications satellites, which will enter commercial service in 2023 – ELERA IoT will support new and existing services into the 2040s and beyond.

ELERA IoT connectivity services

Inmarsat ELERA’s reliable, global, fully mobile and easy-to-use connectivity services are suitable for all industries and locations to fuel your IoT progress and innovations, today and tomorrow.

IsatData Pro

Our IsatData Pro (IDP) service is a reliable, secure and scalable event-driven messaging service with a small form factor terminal. Enabling everything from simple tracking and monitoring to more sophisticated telemetry, logistics and safety compliance, IDP gives you the platform you need to stay connected, secure and efficient, while lowering operational costs and risk.


Our global, two-way IP data service is designed for long-term machine-to-machine (M2M) management of fixed and mobile assets – no matter where they are. BGAN M2M is ideal for applications with moderate data volume requirements ranging from megabytes to gigabytes, such as real-time surveillance or high-volume metering and telemetry.


Inmarsat offers the most powerful and flexible IoT leasing services for commercial enterprises leveraging ELERA’s ultra-reliable L-band connectivity. Completely customisable by spot or regional beams, it allows IoT ecosystem providers to develop IoT hardware and software ecosystems built on Inmarsat’s proven L-band constellation.

ELERA powered IoT ecosystems


IoT scaleup Hiber designs, builds and operates end-to-end solutions for IoT, with a primary focus on industrial use across multiple sectors and industries.


ORBCOMM is a global provider of M2M solutions, offering two-way data communication services which track, monitor and control mobile and fixed assets.


Skylo is a satellite-based IoT solutions company that seamlessly connects IoT machines, enabling users to benefit from continuous real-time data transmission.

Introducing ELEVATE

Looking for a solution built by an industry innovator on the world’s most reliable network for IoT? ELEVATE is the marketplace for IoT solutions that work anywhere. Constantly expanding, we are working with new solution providers across agriculture, electrical utilities, mining, oil and gas, and transport and logistics.

If you're an IoT solutions provider, join us today. We’ll give you access to expert sales and marketing support from Inmarsat and our distribution partners, and technical support to help get the most out of our satellite connectivity. If you’re an end customer, you can learn more about our growing ecosystem of ELEVATE partners and find the right team to help you realise your IoT ambitions.

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