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Whether it is for environmental monitoring, critical infrastructure protection or tracking of personnel and assets, Inmarsat’s M2M services provide government users with a reliable, secure, global capability that is delivered independently of local terrestrial networks.

BGAN M2M is a reliable, global, two-way IP data service designed for long-term machine-to-machine (M2M) management of fixed and mobile assets. It connects monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, giving you full visibility and management of your dispersed assets across an entire operational area.

BGAN M2M delivers IP data connectivity supported by remote terminal management, debugging and configuration options for customers with data volume requirements ranging from megabytes to gigabytes, such as real-time surveillance or high-volume metering and telemetry. Using robust and lightweight hardware, it enables a wide range of M2M applications.

Two-way communications between you and your assets

The service enables two-way text, data communications and GPS tracking for users who need high levels of data availability and performance in unmanned environments. With a range of small-size, weight and power (SWaP) mobile and static terminals, which can connect to industry-standard sensors and controllers, BGAN M2M can be integrated with a variety of value-add control and reporting applications.

The service is also optimised for SCADA traffic profiles, providing low latency, global data reporting out-of-the-box and delivered within a secure network environment.


  • Asset tracking
  • Fixed monitoring – remote surveillance
  • Fixed monitoring – remote telemetry
  • Fixed monitoring – remote tracking
  • Friendly force tracking
  • Mobile monitoring – remote surveillance
  • Mobile monitoring – remote telemetry
  • Mobile monitoring – remote tracking
  • Remote control of assets
  • Remote personnel tracking
  • Telemetry – SCADA
  • Weather, environmental monitoring

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