Insight | CwC 2023: Why certainty is key to business aviation


CwC 2023: Why certainty is key to business aviation


At Satcom Direct’s CWC 2023 event, our CEO Rajeev Suri explained why we are and will continue to be business aviation’s trusted inflight connectivity provider.

The power of connectivity for business users

For modern business leaders and C-suite executives, true luxury is peace of mind. For key decision-makers on the corporate stage, nothing is more valuable than predictability. When these executives are making strategic decisions, they look for reliable solutions with minimal risk - a reflection of their eye for detail and expectation of quality that extends to their choice of inflight connectivity solutions.

For those who frequently fly on business jets around the world, selecting the gold standard of inflight connectivity provides assurance that even their most data-intensive demands will be met each time without fail. Inmarsat believes it is essential to maintain reliable connections whatever the use or demand; therefore, we strive to ensure our customers can rely on us completely.

For the past three decades, Inmarsat has been a leader in providing seamless, global connectivity for business aviation. Our flagship Jet ConneX and SwiftBroadband services offer unrivalled coverage and are already installed on over 5,500 business jets around the world. That number will only grow, especially with our latest global connectivity solution, SwiftJet, which is set to unlock a new world of opportunity.

The power of partnerships

We realise that creating superior solutions like Jet ConneX and SwiftJet takes more than just expertise - collaborations with a trusted ecosystem of partners also plays an important role. For many years now, Satcom Direct has joined forces with us to bring to market services of remarkable quality and unparalleled reliability. . In honour of this partnership and to commemorate a notable achievement, Inmarsat produced a blue heritage plaque that was handed onstage during CwC to celebrate 850 JX activations by Satcom Direct. We also recently celebrated the power of this enduring partnership and encourage you to discover more about our transformational relationship by downloading our case study.

It’s a theme our CEO Rajeev Suri underlined when he recently delivered the keynote speech at Satcom Direct’s Connecting with Customers (CwC) 2023 event in Orlando, Florida. Alluding to the always-on lifestyles of today’s business leaders, who expect to carry on their critical tasks as normal even while in the air, he said: “You never know when a business-critical situation will arise. So, the connectivity simply has to work when you need it to. No ifs. No buts. Just complete certainty.”

And he should know. As the former CEO of Nokia, Suri understands that business aviation today, thanks to the great strides in inflight connectivity, is an essential extension of the boardroom – a true office in the sky. As he explained: “I personally appreciate how important reliable, highly capable connectivity on a business jet is for business leaders. It is not a negotiable option and cannot be a hit-and-miss experience.

Why reliability matters

Reliable connectivity enables business leaders to conduct their day-to-day affairs, run meetings, inform, instruct and engage with their teams, and make important decisions in real time, even at 40,000 ft.

Our confidence in delivering the certainty that Principals desire is based upon our ownership and operation of global Ka-band and L-band satellite networks. No other operator offers such an extensive level of control over performance or availability throughout the cabin and cockpit across flight routes. Our services are seamless, reliable and consistent - unencumbered by regional restrictions or dependent on a patchwork of operators.

Business aviation is changing faster than the jets themselves can fly. Being the best today doesn’t guarantee success tomorrow. That’s why we’re continually striving to deliver excellence in the future. Our innovative and fully funded technology roadmap ensures that we are prepared to meet the continuing demands of Principals.

It is also why we don’t rest on our laurels, but rather we engage and seek feedback from customers and partners so we can pre-empt their needs. That is why Inmarsat has unveiled a concept that looks beyond the conventional to how we deliver optimal connectivity into the future. We call it Intelligent Orchestration; an advanced method for delivering connectivity that optimises the right combinations of frequencies, orbits and technologies to deliver the right capabilities for customers wherever, whenever.

This drive to not just deliver the best, but to continually evolve was also the inspiration behind our JX Evolution programme, which is transforming our service plans to provide existing and new customers with even greater performance, speeds and value for money. This raises the bar even further, allowing passengers to connect more devices and enjoy unchallenged access to the most data-hungry applications simultaneously, without compromising on JX’s proven characteristics of consistency, reliability, resilience and seamless global availability.

JX Evolution leverages our existing global Ka-band satellite network and the highly successful JetWave terminal from Honeywell. Customers will soon benefit from further performance enhancements with seven more Ka-band satellite payloads entering service over the coming years, increasing the network’s total fleet to 12. This will be supplemented by three upcoming next-generation terminals developed with our partners Satcom Direct, Orbit and Honeywell respectively, which are compatible with a wide range of business jets, using cutting-edge technology and lightweight designs to optimise performance, reduce costs and simplify the installation and maintenance processes.

Certainty you can rely upon

Combined, these investments and innovations make our Ka-band network, and our JX service, the most resilient and future-proof in existence. They underscore Inmarsat’s commitment to certainty. Certainty that the investment you make in connectivity will continue to evolve and improve each and every year.

That promise of certainty is one we share emphatically with our partner, Satcom Direct. As our CEO, Rajeev Suri, set out in his Orlando speech: “In the midst of this challenging world, some things remain constant. One of those things is our deep-rooted partnership with our hosts, Satcom Direct. Our long and successful relationship goes back over 25 years and is founded on both mutual appreciation of our respective expertise and a shared commitment to the customer – essentially quality, above all else.

Certainty is a desired quality in every walk of life but is critical in business. So, in a rapidly changing world driven by unpredictability, trust Inmarsat and valued partners like Satcom Direct, to deliver the certainty you require.