For reliability, security and scalability, nothing compares to Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service. From simple tracking and monitoring to more sophisticated telemetry, logistics and safety compliance, IDP gives you the platform you need to stay connected, stay secure and stay efficient, while lowering operational costs and risk.

Featuring global connectivity and operating in near real-time, IDP enables and enhances a host of industrial IoT applications where event driven messaging is key. With a host of easily integratable hardware options, very low power usage, and flexible service plans IDP provides mission critical data connectivity in a compact, affordable package.

Service plans

Offering a range of application-tailored or bulk purchase plans gives maximum IoT solution flexibility and allows you to scale from early pilots through to large deployments. IsatData Pro provides highly predictable data use with minimal overhead, and offers pooling of data within each rate plan to minimize risk of extra costs from anomalies or events that occur on your remote assets in the field, so you can monitor and manage with peace of mind.


IsatData Pro terminals are extremely compact, rugged and consume very little power.  Available in various form factors to suit different applications ranging from embedded modules for manufacturers through to integrated IoT gateways with multi-mode communications.  All this at a low cost point to enable event-driven data and control for your remote assets, whether they are stationary or mobile.


  • Transportation to provide sensor and telematics alerts
  • Utilities to monitor tank levels, safety shut-offs and intrusion detection
  • Oil and gas to provide regulatory compliance and improve worker safety
  • Mining to provide vehicle tracking, monitoring and control of remote industrial mechanisms
  • Agriculture to monitor resources and track and reduce maintenance costs of machinery



  • Two-way communications
  • Performance: Send 6,400 bytes and receive 10,000 bytes.
  • Industry-leading low latency of 15-60 seconds depending on message size.
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Compact, omnidirectional antenna
  • Flexible device options for software and system integrators.
  • Reliable network: Operating over our I-4 global L-band satellite network ensuring an availability of up to 99.9 per cent.


  • No roaming charges: IsatData Pro is provided over Inmarsat’s global network, so there are no roaming charges.
  • Global coverage: Available across the globe, apart from the extreme polar regions.
  • Flexible and scalable: Easily integrated by any organisation to enhance business success.
  • Easy to install
  • Complements mobile wireless at low incremental cost, including hybrid multi-network devices.
  • Low-cost technology optimised for industrial IoT/M2M.

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