Harnessing the power of the connected maritime ecosystem

The unprecedented demand for data to accelerate operational efficiency, decarbonise and enhance crew welfare, combined with rapid advances in global mobile connectivity, are driving the pace of digitalisation across the maritime sector. Over 70% of shipping businesses have embarked on their digital transformation journey. The connected ecosystem sits at the heart of the data revolution. 

Discover the power of Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress delivers for evolving business. It brings together the best of Inmarsat's connectivity solutions - unrivalled flexibility to consolidate and scale IT requirements with a combination of satellite connectivity solutions – and takes place over a trusted endpoint security network.

Fleet Xpress is built to to deliver control over your connectivity ecosystem. Making it easier to control spending, control data usage, control digitalisation strategy. Giving clear view of what connectivity means to your business today and tomorrow.

Built on Fleet Edge

The future proof maritime edge platform designed to deliver Inmarsat ORCHESTRA

Fleet Xpress provides access to a wide portfolio of Inmarsat connectivity services through our Fleet Edge platform. Fleet Edge unlocks the power of edge computing capability for always-on communications. Fully secure, it enables seamless delivery of new features, updates and bug fixes on a vessel via over-the-air software upgrades. Fleet Edge comes with a rich set of standardised assurance data through shore side APIs and edge interfaces, making the integration with partner smartboxes easy​. 

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Capabilities that grow alongside your requirements

Fleet Xpress is a uniquely flexible solution. It leverages the world’s most advanced satellite constellation, to link your connectivity ecosystem and deliver a best-in-class experience to crew. 

Available in multiple iterations, so you can find the Fleet Xpress package that’s right for your business.

Modular Fleet Xpress allows you to easily upgrade bandwidth as you adopt applications at a pace that suits you, from email and basic office applications, to IoT-powered solutions and emerging technologies to enhance your data, insights and analysis.


Fleet Xpress is about choice and scalability. Made available in a range of packages, it is simple to see which packages align with your business and your objectives.

Control your spend

Spend on what you use, and nothing else - by selecting a package with speed and data that suits your needs today. 

Control your growth

If your requirements begin to change, your upgrade route is clear and predictable. Our incrementally designed packages mean you can foresee any change in your package price.

Powered by the world’s most advanced mobile satellite network

Shipping companies need guaranteed seamless global coverage for fast and secure data transfer - especially at busy ports, straits and shipping canals where reliable connectivity matters most. Fleet Xpress operates as a fully managed service, powered by our Ka-band Global Xpress network, enabling customers to increase their bandwidth as their digital ecosystem evolves.  

Seamless, global, Ka-band spot beam coverage enables consistent, stable, uninterrupted quality of service, with no drop out at satellite handover while unique, steerable beams layer additional, high-speed capacity where maritime customers need it most. FleetBroadband back-up assures 99.9% network availability adherence - with no unwanted bill shocks.


vessels worldwide using Fleet Xpress


individuals connected and protected at sea


Integrated Ka/L-band availability

Boost operational efficiency

Benefits for operations:

  • Reliable bandwidth to support onboard IoT applications and enable ground-breaking new digital services
  • Consolidated, cloud-based storage and management of fleet data
  • Real-time, data-led support for telemetry, enhanced route planning, scheduling and fuel efficiency
  • IoT-enabled engine and equipment inspection, remote diagnostics, emissions monitoring, fault detection and condition-based maintenance
  • Ensures compliance with decarbonisation regulations and vessel ratings
  • Single, connected control centre capable of real-time oversight for a dispersed fleet: reduced need for specialists onboard
  • Ecosystem of trusted industry-leading application partners for fast, secure and simple-to-use analytics and intelligence
  • Technology agnostic: connect to any IoT provider without additional hardware costs

Empower your crew

Benefits for crew welfare and retention:

  • Meet growing expectations for internet access and digital services
  • Crew access to high-speed affordable internet completely independent from the vessel’s bandwidth without impacting critical operations services​
  • Boost crew morale and wellbeing: connect them to what and who matters most
  • Simple self-service portal with flexible payment options
  • Order and manage Fleet Hotspot vouchers for seafarers on Inmarsat's self-service portal to support programmes for reward and recognition
  • ChatCard option for voice calls. Vouchers to support programmes for reward and recognition
  • Online access to healthcare and telemedicine services
  • Stay ahead of crew requirements (OCIMF, RightShip)
  • Proven impact on staff retention and attracting new talent

Simplify and standardise I.T.

Benefits for IT and technology teams:

  • Improve productivity with a flexible, scalable, onboard IT environment
  • Step up and standardise applications across ship and shore – no more ‘made for maritime’ compromises
  • Seamlessly interoperate cloud-based technologies with terrestrial infrastructure: ship as an office in any location.
  • Greater control and visibility over all fleet communications
  • Remote upgrade and centralised application management
  • Secure remote access to troubleshoot onboard networks
  • Unified Threat Management, multi-layered endpoint security and crew awareness training module
  • Self-service optionality to enable all teams

Dedicated bandwidth channels

Using synthetic virtual networks, Fleet Xpress delivers your connection in dedicated ‘pipelines’, to ensure a best-in-class experience. Each essential services receives its own dedicated route to the user. The bandwidth you use outside of those essential services, also receives its own pipeline, to ensure crew usage for business and leisure, is of the highest standard.

Explore the full suite of future-focused digital solutions delivered by Inmarsat.

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