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We have been powering global connectivity and saving lives at sea for over 40 years. And we never stop innovating. With Fleet Xpress we’ve pioneered a transformational service to deliver a new level of high-speed performance across the world’s oceans. Providing you with maritime innovation that you can trust, Fleet Xpress combines the high data speeds of our award-winning Global Xpress Ka-band network with the proven reliability of our L-band network to offer unrivaled speed, continuous connectivity, and guaranteed performance for true global mobility.

With Fleet Xpress we go above and beyond to provide you with a platform to enhance safety, operational performance, regulatory compliance, and crew welfare. That’s why over 10,000 vessels rely on Fleet Xpress globally day and night; from tankers to container vessels, fishing vessels to superyachts, offshore support vessels to LNG carriers, our award-winning service is defining a new era of connectivity at sea.

Operational excellence

Monitor and measure performance against your competition and drive vessel efficiencies and performance like never experienced before. Access weather data and telemetry information in real-time. Benefit from the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and onboard sensors to resolve queries, make operational decisions and meet regulations faster than ever with performance monitoring and condition-based maintenance. Turn data into tangible benefits in efficiency, regulatory compliance, and crew welfare.

Digitalisation at your fingertips

Open up a world of possibilities to make your digital fleet a reality. Powered by Fleet Xpress, our suite of digital solutions including Fleet Data and Fleet Connect, supported by our unique and rapidly growing ecosystem of application providers, allows you to harness efficiencies, reduce emissions and cut costs making the connected ship a reality.

Never compromise on safety and security

We pride ourselves on never compromising the safety and security of our networks. That’s why we own and operate every component of our infrastructure. As the dark web continues to develop at pace, so do we. We remain steadfast in our pursuit to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals with our independently audited Fleet Secure service. More than just an anti-virus system, Fleet Secure safeguards your vessel and crew against hostile and malicious threats with web content filtering, application control, intrusion prevention, remote monitoring, and crew training. Don’t let hostile parties risk the safety and reputation of your fleet.

Employ the best

Attract and retain the best crew available and reduce recruitment costs with Fleet Hotspot. Empower your crew to stay connected to friends and family, unwind with a movie, or watch the latest game after a long shift without affecting your business-critical bandwidth. Make the days, weeks and months sail quicker and maintain a healthy and happy crew that will keep them returning to your fleet time after time.

High speed, always-on connectivity you can trust day after day, no matter where in the world your voyage takes you. Fleet Xpress, the world’s fastest-growing* satellite communications service. Performance without limits. Maritime Innovation you can trust.

*Euroconsult, 2018


    • 24/7/365 service management, monitoring and support
    • Inmarsat owns and operates the entire network, to ensure secure and seamless user experience and fully automated satellite and beam switching. Unlimited FleetBroadband is included in the Fleet Xpress solution
    • Fleet Xpress is offered globally through the GX (Global Xpress) and Inmarsat-4 (plus AlphaSat) global satellite network. There's no switching between satellite providers, allowing full optimisation of services across the complete network
    • Standardised terminals and configurations to simplify implementation, usage, training and support. Signal strength is not dependent on the size of the antenna, enabling a smaller antenna compared to an equivalent Ku service
    • Dual ground station structure, ensures the network is fully redundant, robust and always-available. Each satellite uses two teleports, located in separate regions, to avoid service interruptions caused by weather events over the teleport, a common cause of rain fade
    • The revolutionary bandwidth design of Fleet Xpress enables accurate bandwidth planning, management and support with separate pipes for ‘Over The Top’ services
    • Fleet Xpress customers are able to benefit from next generation enhancements (seven new Global Xpress satellites by 2023) using current terminals, enjoying a significant boost in performance, as well as futureproofing their investment

    • Continuous connectivity

    An integrated solution with FleetBroadband as unlimited back-up purposely designed for mobility: All the network aspects have been designed as a single solution so customers can experience a reliable (always-on) continuous service.

    • Guaranteed performance
    Service level agreements that guarantee network availability and committed data rates so the customer will know that they will get exactly what they pay for and bandwidth planning can be done precisely as the customer can base their estimate on the actual data need.
    • A fully-managed service
    A reliably running solution with minimal management required from customers. In case of support or service needs Inmarsat will provide 24/7 support.
    • Controlled costs
    Simplicity and predictability in cost management with a wide selection of subscription packages all on one invoice.
    • Business applications
    Access to a myriad of applications from a whole ecosystem of Application Providers through Inmarsat’s unique Certified Application Provider Programme that includes many of the world’s leading OEMs, Shipyards and Software vendors.
    • Integrated IoT
    With Fleet Data as default, Inmarsat’s IoT platform allows owners and operators to collect, transfer and analyse data from the vessel in real-time without the need for multiple hardware devices.
    • Edge computing
    The power of Fleet Edge, Inmarsat’s new shipboard ‘maritime-certified software device’ that provides edge computing capability for network switching, ‘over the air’ software updates, application-hosting and Fleet Secure Unified Threat Management services.
    • Crew internet

    Fleet Hotspot is a Hotel-like onboard WiFi and self-serve portal that crew manage themselves with no administration and no smartbox required by the shipping company.


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