Customer challenge

Electricity providers are under pressure to consistently improve service quality and minimise outages as mandated by public procurement contracts. Circuit reclosers are considered an essential device to maintain maximum continuity of service, with their ability to sense and interrupt currents in the event of a fault. 

Decentralised reclosers operate in isolation and are programmed to trip and reset without the need for connectivity networks, while centralised reclosers are connected to a central control room and allow much greater visibility and control over a grid.

While providers often use a variety of both types, the problem with decentralised reclosers is once tripped they often transition to a lockout state, which means engineers need to travel to restore functionality, causing lengthy outages and costing the provider money. With many providers operating over wide and remote geographies, smart grid management using SCADA controlled centralised reclosers is increasingly desirable. 

The challenge with centralised reclosers is getting connectivity that is reliable enough to support always on control, as in many remote areas cellular connectivity is intermittent and not fit for purpose.

Our solution

IP over satellite provides the most reliable and cost-effective option to remotely monitor and control centralised reclosers in areas where terrestrial connectivity is unreliable. Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M service is used on tens of thousands of reclosers around the world and has been trusted as the industry standard by electricity providers for over ten years.

The service operates on Inmarsat’s L-band network. Created for government and emergency applications, it is as reliable as satellite gets, with up to 99.9% uptime in any continental location aside from the far poles, even in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, where other networks can often struggle. 

BGAN M2M features robust and compact terminals, such as the Hughes BGAN 9502, which are easy to install, can withstand hostile environmental conditions and come with a lifespan up to or exceeding ten years. Coupled with a low monthly data usage, the total cost of ownership for the service is minimal compared to the cost of dispatching technicians to resolve issues, and companies can immediately benefit from greater continuity of service.

Our global partner network are expert in utilising BGAN M2M to build and support the right solution for your smart grid needs – no matter where you are located. Learn how we have helped customers including California utilities in the United States, Cemig in Brazil and Ergon Energy in Australia.


  • Operational expenditure savings: no need to send engineers to manually reset decentralised reclosers
  • Delivery against service quality indicators: proven ability to increase uptime for your customers and ensure you are delivering on your contracted responsibilities
  • Increased visibility and control: with a smart grid you can reroute or fix load flow issues quickly and efficiently


  • Reliability: operates on the Inmarsat L-band satellite and terrestrial global network, with 99.9% availability 
  • Performance: Standard IP at a rate of up to 448 kbps with a low latency of 800 milliseconds
  • Practicality: Installs in 30 minutes and simple for field teams to configure, integrate and conduct maintenance on
  • Economy: low-cost terminal, low data rate billing plans without reconnection fees 
  • Small and robust terminals: notebook sized terminals with a long field life

Download our whitepaper - The Smart Grid of Tomorrow: The Role of Satellite Connectivity


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