By providing you with unique access to a dedicated segment of our gold standard satellite network for IoT – ELERA - an Inmarsat IoT connectivity lease removes the effort and expense of developing and managing your own satellite constellation.

Our IoT leasing contracts give you the freedom to develop your own proprietary IoT solutions, IoT hardware and software solutions powered by our award winning ELERA network. Simultaneously, they offer you full control to design your capacity, bandwidth and power requirements, allowing you to concentrate on developing your IoT solutions, delivering value for your business and expanding your customer base.

Dynamic beam management: a catalyst for flexible IoT solutions 

Dynamic beam management means you can choose the capacity and power requirements you need – with the option to adjust those parameters at any time.

Our fully flexible service plans mean you only pay for the spectrum you need, and you have control over the length of the lease and choice of satellite beams, ensuring you can expand your operations whenever you need to. Whether you need to extend beyond specific coverage to a wider region, or to cover multiple global locations - you have the flexibility to do so on your terms only with IoT connectivity leasing.

The power and versatility of dynamic beam management is a game-changer for IoT solutions. It not only gives you the freedom to define your own growth plan, but it ensures you can also produce and deliver the products you want – when you want – by offering your customers access to our global, reliable connectivity as a satellite-network-as-a-service.

Inmarsat is the only satellite provider to offer dynamic beam management.

The benefits of IoT connectivity leasing for IoT solution providers

ELERA IoT Leasing provides hassle-free, flexible access to industry-leading satellite connectivity for customers with ambitious growth plans for their proprietary IoT solutions.

  • Speed up your IoT deployment: Avoid the upfront investment, effort and costly delays of setting up and managing your own satellite networks by easily accessing one already in orbit and providing reliable connectivity, today.
  • Flexible Satellite-Network-as-a-Service: An Inmarsat IoT connectivity lease delivers complete flexibility. Once you’re up-and-running, you call the shots, enabling you to grow and scale your solutions the way you want.
  • Value-added services: Benefit from our satellite and IoT expertise. Leverage our commercial and regulatory support. Gain access to our expert partner ecosystem. Take advantage of our flexible commercial agreements.  Explore a range of commercial opportunities, including partnerships, and discover how Inmarsat is invested in your success.
  • Delivered by ELERA - the world’s leading IoT network: Your IoT solutions will be built on the most reliable, secure and highest capacity global network available. A network optimised for IoT, with more global L-band spectrum available than any other provider.

The benefits of IoT Connectivity Leasing for Investors

Reduce CAPEX liability and accelerate your path to ROI in partnership with the world’s most robust and flexible IoT satellite solution.

  • Maximise your ROI potential: Operating a virtual satellite network on top of our GEO constellation saves significant upfront CapEx costs and ongoing OpEx costs - without any loss of customer experience.
  • Unlock new opportunity: Your portfolio companies can gain access to new markets all over the world, with the ability to leverage IoT satellite spectrum whenever and wherever they need it globally.
  • Fuel ambitious growth plans: Tap into Inmarsat’s expertise in working with IoT start-ups, and our development programme, to support portfolio companies to achieve greater growth, quicker.
  • Minimise your ESG portfolio exposure: Designing, developing, deploying and maintaining a smallsat constellation is a carbon intensive process. IoT Connectivity Leasing allows for the same technical outcome - without contributing to the creation of additional, surplus, GHG emissions. 

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