Stay online when you’re away from shore

Are you looking for a reliable cost-conscious way to get your boat online?

When you’ve sailed beyond the reach of terrestrial networks such as radio, shore-side Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G mobile broadband and LTE, Fleet One satellite internet capability keeps you online, with basic voice and internet anywhere, any time.


Don’t get tied into long-term contracts or complex subscription packages.  

Fleet One offers complete flexibility with pay-as-you-go monthly subscriptions.

Whether you’re at the helm of a fishing boat or sailing a yacht offshore, Fleet One keeps you connected with guaranteed uninterrupted access to the latest navigation and safety alerts, emails, SMS and voice calls to ensure you stay on course no matter where in the world you sail. 

Check in with family and friends, accurately track, trace and record your latest catch, and improve your boat’s operational efficiency and safety with Fleet One Coastal.

Choose from one of two simple packages with unlimited data:

Global coverage – one single rate

With Fleet One Global, you can connect your computer, tablet or mobile at a single global rate, regardless of the size or location of your vessel.

Instantly access emails, electronic charts, and weather reports, transmit regulatory declarations, or call family and friends from anywhere in the world.

Coastal coverage

Heading out near-shore for a fishing or leisure trip? Fleet One Coastal packages provide the perfect regional coverage, whether sailing off the coast of your favourite holiday destination or fishing close to the port. With our flexible monthly plans, you’ll only pay for what you need, when and when you need it.

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Always there when you need it

Never be let down by patchy, unreliable communications again. Fleet One operates over our always-on and trusted ELERA L-Band network that’s helping to drive innovation across the world. 

Included in Fleet One:

Free safety services

Sail with confidence knowing your passengers, crew and boat is in safe hands with access to our free ‘505’ emergency call system; connecting you instantly, and free of charge, to the nearest Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre. Your guaranteed lifeline to a safer voyage.  

Easy installation

You don’t need any specialist skills to install or run Fleet One. Simply plug in, set sail and get online with easy-to-install and set up hardware.

Whatever service you use, we've got you covered

  E-mail, voice Entry internet Medium internet Advanced internet
  Fleet One FleetBroadband FleetBroadband Fleet Xpress
Business email & voice calls
Crew messaging (email/chat)
Fleet Secure cyber security (to support IMO 2021)
Social media  
Light browsing/prepaid    
VPN/remote access    
System monitoring    
High usage browsing      
Engine monitoring      
Managed services      
Cloud solutions      
Business applications      
On-demand bandwidth      

Evolving your connectivity

We’re developing Inmarsat ORCHESTRA, a unique, multi-dimensional network that is set to transform your links to shore, as you’ll never have to switch networks again! Just one provider and one seamless experience from land to offshore – connectivity in harmony.  

Inmarsat ORCHESTRA is built on the trusted high-performance and global reach of our existing Global Xpress and ELERA networks in geostationary orbit and will combine a small number of highly targeted low Earth orbit satellites with terrestrial 5G mesh technologies. The result: the highest capacity and fastest average speeds worldwide of any connectivity network.

"For us the Fleet One is really perfect because it encompasses all our needs; satellite phone usage, download of weather GRIB files and ensuring updated navigational charts, and also being able to send photos and videos over email, and since we are far away from everything the safety aspect is key, since the Fleet One enables direct free distress and medical calls."

Jean-Pierre Frery, Chemins d'Oceans

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