Offshore connectivity packages within your reach

Are you looking for a reliable cost-conscious way to get your boat online? With Fleet One we’ve developed a range of onboard connectivity packages to ensure you remain online with basic voice and data connectivity when you’ve sailed beyond the reach of VHF or GSM. Whether you’re at the helm of a fishing boat or sailing a yacht offshore, Fleet One can help you stay connected with satellite communications you can rely on with 99.9% availability. Guaranteed uninterrupted access to the latest navigation, safety alerts, emails, SMS and voice calls to ensure you stay on course no matter where in the world you sail. Never be let down by patchy, unreliable communications again.

Complete flexibility

There’s no need to be tied into long-term contracts or complex subscription packages, Fleet One has been designed for complete flexibility.

Choose from one of two simple packages:

Fleet One Global

Get online at the touch of a button and start working instantly on your computer, tablet or mobile at a single global rate, regardless of the size or location of your vessel, with Fleet One Global. Instantly access emails, electronic charts, and weather reports, transmit regulatory declarations, or call family and friends from anywhere in the world.

There’s no costly bills to contend with. Simply pay for what you need when you need it with a choice of pre or post-paid plans. Adapt to seasonal changes in demand without the hefty price tag or unpredictability of other solutions.

Fleet One Coastal

Keep in touch wherever you go with Fleet One Coastal, designed specifically for near shore fishing and leisure trips. Whether you’re sailing off the coast of your favourite holiday destination or catching fish close to port, never lose signal or be charged expensive roaming charges again. Only buy what you need in the location you need it with flexible seasonal plans.

Check in with family and friends, accurately track, trace and record your latest catch, and improve the operational efficiency and safety of your vessel with Fleet One Coastal.

Is it easy to install?

You don’t need any specialist skills to install or run Fleet One. Simply plug in, set sail and get online, with easy-to-install and set up hardware.

Free 505 safety alerts

Sail with confidence knowing your passengers, crew and vessel are in safe hands with access to our free 505 emergency call system. Connecting you free of charge directly to the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre instantly. Your guaranteed lifeline to a safer voyage.  

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"For us the Fleet One is really perfect because it encompasses all our needs; satellite phone usage, download of weather GRIB files and ensuring updated navigational charts, and also being able to send photos and videos over email, and since we are far away from everything the safety aspect is key, since the Fleet One enables direct free distress and medical calls."

Jean-Pierre Frery, Chemins d'Oceans


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