Reliable, high speed connectivity solutions to boost operational success for fixed wing, rotary and unmanned platforms.

Governments the world over rely on Inmarsat, the leading global, mobile, commercial satcom provider, for mission-critical communications in some of the most volatile regions of the world. All of our aero solutions for government have a common theme – maximising operational capability and providing the same connectivity in the air that you would expect on the ground.

Aircraft are expensive assets to keep and maintain. The inclusion of a fit-for-purpose satcom solution will often lead to greater results being achieved out of every mission. The ability to exchange information in real time can also lead to longer sorties and increased operational awareness for greater mission success.

A single Inmarsat installation can support a vast range of military satcom uses in both the cockpit and the cabin. With an almost constant need for exchanging up-to-date information on mission, Inmarsat solutions enable important information to be shared with crews, whether from the ground, another aircraft or simply with each other. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions share operational insight, whilst mission and control have an eye in the sky assisting in appraising and providing situational awareness of any event. From safety and weather updates to aircraft internet access and VoIP telephones, our integrated systems can increase inflight connectivity and reduce financial impact.

The diverse range of needs from the military aeronautical arena means that no one single solution will fit all. For this reason we work with many trusted technology partners whose constantly advancing solutions can be scaled to suit. With our services always evolving, the need for innovative equipment to complement them is continuous too. Our technology partners work to ensure these needs are met with elegant innovations and we now have an aero terminal and antenna to meet the demands of just about every air frame. With the very specific requirements of government aircraft in mind, our partners work hard to reduce the cost, weight and size of equipment, with technologies that can be line or retrofitted.

Working with these trusted partners, we can create competitive, flexible solutions, reflecting the individual needs of government users. And because we own and operate the satellite constellations and ground networks, we can increase capacity to meet surges in demand for additional bandwidth. Our services really can meet all requirements

Whether for surveillance, flight-plan updates, Aircraft Communication, Addressing and Reporting Systems (ACARS), VIP connectivity for email or the ability to exchange timely information between key personnel, the use of our integrated communications solutions for your aircraft can result in a far greater outcome at a lower total operating cost.

G2X Air

Inmarsat Global Xpress has been purposely designed for communications on the move (COTM). It delivers a secure, worldwide Ka-band network created for highly flexible air mobility operations and airborne communications.

Built from the ground up with highly mobile government users in mind, Global Xpress brings reliable proficiencies for both manned and unmanned airborne operations.

User requirements

Whether the need is to connect inflight officials with the ground, pursue tactical objectives or other airborne operations, users depend upon communication services in the air which function just as well as they do in the office. Similarly, ISR unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other aircraft consume large quantities of bandwidth in order to transmit video and other images from sky to land.

Global Xpress delivers a ‘Satcom as a Service’ via Military-Ka lease, complementing the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system, providing uniform Ka-band coverage. It allows government customers to speedily and economically expand the WGS system whenever and wherever needed.

G2X Air is designed for the government aeronautical user and comprises five standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36-month commitment terms and come with a monthly data allowance based on the CIR/MIR combination.

Helping governments harness the power of flight

Governments are seeking to maximise what can be achieved with their aeronautical assets, collecting and transferring knowledge and awareness to help achieve operational success. The Inmarsat suite of satellite communications solutions provides the perfect communications platform to achieve this success.

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