Reliable, high speed connectivity solutions to boost operational success for fixed wing, rotary and unmanned platforms.

All of Inmarsat’s aero solutions for government have a common theme – maximising operational capability and providing the same connectivity in the air that you expect on the ground.

Aircraft are expensive assets to keep and maintain and the inclusion of a fit-for-purpose satcom solution will often lead to greater results being achieved out of every mission. The ability to exchange information in real time can also lead to longer sorties and increased operational awareness for greater mission success.

Whether for surveillance, VIP communications or the ability to exchange timely information between key personnel, the use of our integrated communications solutions for your aircraft can result in a far greater outcome at a lower total operating cost.

G2X Air

Purposely designed for mobility, Global Xpress delivers a secure, worldwide Ka-band network created for highly flexible airborne operations.

G2X Air is designed for the government aeronautical user and comprises five standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month commitment terms and come with a monthly data allowance based on the CIR/MIR combination.

Helping governments harness the power of flight

Governments are seeking to maximise what can be achieved with their aeronautical assets, collecting and transferring knowledge and awareness to help achieve operational success. The Inmarsat suite of satellite communications solutions provides the perfect communications platform to achieve this success.


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