In line with our values, we take our responsibilities seriously in ensuring our Supply Chain is robust and operates ethically, sustainably and in line with legislation and our Code of Conduct.

We expect our Suppliers to make those directly or indirectly involved in the supply of goods and services to Inmarsat aware of this Code of Conduct and we expect you to have your own protocols for periodically checking (virtually and physically where required) it is being adhered to. In line with our values, we require our Suppliers to be transparent with Inmarsat on their findings at all times, whether positive or negative.

Meeting the expectation of this Code of Conduct is important and by not doing so could materially jeopardise a Supplier’s relationship with Inmarsat.

Supplier Accountability Values

Health and safety

Inmarsat is committed to a safety first culture, and protecting our people and those we work with is a priority. Suppliers must provide a safe and healthy workplace environment and take timely and appropriate action where required.

Adhering to all legislation regarding health, safety, and security laws where the supplier works to reduce risks and hazards to others through appropriate risk management and risk mitigation is a must.

Environment and sustainability

Our aspiration is that all our Suppliers minimise the use of energy and use green energy wherever possible and that the Supplier actively works with us in reducing the carbon footprint of the goods and services supplied to us.

Inmarsat has committed to reduce its emissions that come from the supply and value chain by 28% (against a 2019 baseline) by 2030. As a result, Inmarsat now requires all of its suppliers to have either: (i) a net zero strategy or a carbon reduction strategy with associated targets; or (ii) a plan to achieve that strategy and can report on that plan showing progress towards net zero/ carbon reduction over time.

Suppliers must adhere to all relevant local and global environmental legislation when setting up, running or ceasing a service or providing a product. This includes complying with reporting standards and achieving permits when reasonably required.

Any packaging required should be minimised and waste products should be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Supplier respect values


Bribery and corruption is not tolerated in the Inmarsat Supply Chain. Suppliers must stand by all legislation relating to anti-corruption and anti-money laundering.

Unfair business practices

Suppliers must not engage in any illegal anti-competitive conduct or deceptive trade practice for any reason whatsoever, whether on behalf of Inmarsat, Suppliers, or others.

Conflict of interest

Suppliers must avoid all conflicts of interest or situations giving the appearance of one when doing business with Inmarsat. We expect that Suppliers and individuals in your supply chain will never work to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.


Suppliers must follow all legislation in the countries in which it operates, and be committed to the value of, and respect for all people in their supply chain. This includes adhering to modern slavery laws and standards (e.g. the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015).

We expect Suppliers to have the right controls to take a zero tolerance position on slave labour, human trafficking or exploitation, or any other activity which would constitute an abuse of human rights in their supply chain.

All Suppliers should respect human rights in their operations, and adhere to the standards set forth in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Code of Conduct: Excellence Values

Data privacy and information security

Suppliers must follow all legislation in relation to data protection, privacy and information security and be committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of individuals by collecting personal information for business related purposes in connection only with the specific services being provided to Inmarsat.

Suppliers should operate ethically and notify people whose personal information is provided to Inmarsat or any other customers.

All of our Suppliers should ensure that any data processing, or sub-processing of data is done ethically and legally, always taking the upmost care to secure data in line with good industry practices.

Management and systems

Managing, processing, storing and securing data, including your approach and transparency in remedying any possible breaches, should always be conducted with excellence.

It is expected that Suppliers will keep robust records that demonstrate the standards of this Code of Conduct are met, along with other systems that identify and act on associated risks and issues in your organisation or supply chain.

Suppliers should ensure their staff are trained and well versed around the importance of these standards and have controls and systems put in place ensuring we all operate ethically, sustainably and legally.