FreeWave works with customers to connect the unconnected, offering a reliable ecosystem of edge intelligent devices and solutions to optimize and future-proof the extreme edge of remote industrial operations.

Partner Story

FreeWave, headquartered in Colorado, is a global IoT solution manufacturer specializing in edge computing, data visualizations, and analytics Platform as a Service for remote IoT networks.

With a track record spanning over 30 years, FreeWave offers customers a comprehensive, one-stop shop for end-to-end data solutions, hardware supplies and connectivity airtime packages. It adeptly meets customer needs with tailored solutions and a wide range of IoT devices, including Viasat IsatData Pro (IDP) terminals and various original equipment manufacturer (OEM) terminal accessories.  

FreeWave is ideally positioned to deliver robust deployment of IoT solutions in scenarios where demanding performance and exceptional support are crucial to customers’ network productivity and revenue, regardless of how challenging and remote the environments are. It has been serving diverse industries with its comprehensive capabilities, including oil and gas, agriculture, water management, mining, and ranching.

Key benefits

  • Unlock total network solutions and global support from a single-source supplier
  • Highly reliable, low-cost, secure suite of satellite-enabled devices, data plans, and dashboards
  • Monitoring of valuable remote assets to optimize operations
  • Reduces cost and network management resource requirements, supporting multi-protocol connectivity types
  • An ideal solution for comprehensive network data analysis, reporting, visualization, and more


  • Leverage edge-efficient radios and gateways for remote connectivity through visualizations and alerts in a single pane of glass cloud platform
  • Modbus and Native IO integration provides flexibility and options where needed
  • Integration with the FreeWave Insights™ data platform, supports MQTT, Json, OPCUA, and webhook, and data conversion from remote nodes

User Scenarios

  • Monitor on-shore and off-shore oil production facilities in vast and remote areas
  • Track and monitor oil tank levels to protect against theft along delivery routes
  • Implement flood monitoring and warning systems for remote locations
  • Utilize SCADA-connected applications in rugged environments, precisely managing oil pumps, flow meters, and artificial lifts
"We are thrilled to become an ELEVATE partner. Viasat's cutting-edge satellite connectivity ensures our customers’ remote devices consistently deliver critical data, empowering them to make better-informed business decisions.
This collaboration opens new avenues for us to innovate and further develop customer-centric solutions, expand our IoT footprint and benefit our valued customers."

Jeff Horton, CRO, FreeWave