Insight Terra helps its clients manage their geotechnical and hydrological risks more effectively through its Insight Platform. This real-time monitoring and alerting solution captures and aggregates critical sensor data for smarter and faster operational decision-making – from ‘sensor-to-action’.

Insight Terra Solutions

Partner Story

Insight Terra, a London-based start-up, provides a cloud-based environmental and infrastructure risk management platform and solutions.

Mining companies are particularly well positioned to benefit from Insight Terra’s solutions, with its advanced monitoring and edge capabilities geared towards geotechnical and hydrological risk factors.  

Its Insight Platform provides a fully integrated end-to-end data aggregation, management, analytics and visualisation solution to monitor the safety and stability of on-site mine tailings storage facilities and deliver actionable insight to mine operators and owners.  

Key benefits

  • Provides advance warning and enables effective risk mitigation
  • Cloud-based platform displays critical data on a wide range of devices 
  • Customisable trigger thresholds and alerts for real-time risk control
  • Reliable satellite communications ensure data collection integrity
  • Seamless integration of third-party data provides a detailed view of assets and operations
  • Helps mining operators comply with global industry standards and meet environmental, social, and governance requirements
  • Helps secure or reduce the cost of mining operators’ insurance
  • Enhanced data management for easy data integration across multiple platforms


  • Monitors structural integrity of instrumentation in real-time
  • Processes raw sensor data into contextual metrics for unrivalled visual clarity, all viewable from a single unified dashboard
  • Integrates with ERP process management software
  • Cloud-based SaaS built on Amazon Web Services for scalability and security
  • Includes edge and satellite connectivity options for network resilience
  • The platform can support any location globally and is ideal for projects or installations without reliable connectivity

User Scenarios

  • Monitoring the safety and stability of tailings storage facilities and their surrounding environment
  • Monitoring on-site infrastructure, including water management and pit wall stability
  • Monitoring the integrity of critical infrastructure and its surrounding environment to mitigate geotechnical risks for freshwater reservoirs, hydroelectric dams
  • Landslide monitoring and other scenarios where there is a threat to the environment from infrastructure, or vice versa
“We’re delighted to join the ELEVATE program and see it as an important platform for driving growth, reaching new customers in new markets, and expanding into new sectors outside of mining in the future."

Alastair Bovim, CEO, Insight Terra