AtomBeam is a California-based software company specialising in data compaction solutions to save bandwidth. Its technology significantly reduces airtime costs, making satellite connectivity more viable and secure with a 4X average increase in effective bandwidth utilisation.

Atombeam solutions

Partner Story

AtomBeam Technologies is a leading software company based in California, specialising in data compaction solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The company's patented solution, Compaction, uses advanced mathematics and machine learning to compact data, enabling faster communication over satellite networks; it reduces data volume, leading to a substantial decrease in customer airtime costs.

AtomBeam's focus on innovation has made it a valuable player in the IoT technology market. The company is dedicated to providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions to simplify global connectivity, making it more accessible to improve customer business outcomes.

Key benefits

  • Improve affordability and scalability of satellite connectivity in cases that otherwise might be too costly
  • Dramatically lower data transmitted, making it possible to transmit faster in real time
  • Adds obfuscation to IoT messages for more robust security without increasing latency or file size
  • Increase battery life of enabled IoT devices by upwards of 25-50%


  • Solution agnostic and can be implemented on various technologies and devices
  • Compaction is lossless as the original data never leaves the source
  • Data moves as fast as generated with microseconds latency; messages are translated into codewords and streamed in real time.
  • Solution is near-universal, as Compaction works on any operating system, processor or protocol

User Scenarios

  • It supports a broad range of use cases, applicable for those who transmit IoT data in real time, including customers working in agriculture, mining, transportation, telemetry, energy and more
  • Compaction software has been successfully tested and is viable for use in high-traffic, mission-critical environments 
  • Businesses previously unable to connect to IoT solutions due to a lack of coverage or cost now have more options available over satellite networks
"AtomBeam is proud to join ELEVATE, bringing our game-changing Compaction software technology to the table. Our solution can reduce IoT satellite data transmission by, on average, 75% without added latency, unlocking many new use cases.
“Our ELEVATE partnership aims to greatly expand the availability and use of satellite IoT data transmission and deliver value to our mutual customers. The future is bright for this partnership!"

Charles Yeomans, CEO