Communications in the right place at the right time

Inmarsat’s suite of land, maritime and aviation broadband services ensure government officials have easy access to reliable communications, regardless of location or environment.

In a complex fast-paced environment the demands for voice, video and data can change as quickly as the task at hand. Sensitive political negotiations, crisis management, or planning the next VIP visit all require secure and immediate communications.

Inmarsat’s Assured Access lease arrangement gives you priority access and a guaranteed connection to the Inmarsat-4 global network for a known price.

Assured Access provides a highly reliable secure communications link to support a range of applications. A pre-defined group of mobile users or SIMs are granted access to to BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband services and Inmarsat-4 network resources on a uncontended access plan.

Solutions for all locations

With BGAN Link, our fixed data service, that high availability becomes an integral part of the embassy’s telecoms infrastructure.

Add our IsatHub service to the mix and you can use your existing smartphones and tablets anywhere, independently of cellular and fixed networks. For additional end-to-end protection, running the Cellcrypt app on your smart phone provides an extra layer of encryption for BGAN users.

Inmarsat’s IsatPhone 2 mobile satellite phone is the first line of communication for Foreign Affairs personnel, with its lightweight and simple design avoiding undue attention. The ability to instantly establish a voice connection is considered an absolute necessity for foreign affairs operations and IsatPhone 2 meets this sense of normality and security.

Adding to this suite of comms is new Global Xpress (GX), the world’s first globally available, high-speed mobile broadband service, delivered through a single network operator. Inmarsat GX terminals are currently deployed throughout a number of countries – providing a secure, high-speed connection with home networks for complete peace of mind.