Insight | Passenger Experience Survey 2023


Passenger Experience Survey 2023

  • Hear about sky-high expectations for in-flight connectivity from passengers themselves.
  • We surveyed more than 11,000 people worldwide who have travelled by air in the last 12 months..

With passenger numbers reaching near-record levels and global travel firmly back on the cultural agenda, we are in a new era of air travel. 

Today, businesses looking to gain an edge over the competition should be looking to deliver an unforgettable passenger experience. And, according to our latest global survey into passenger expectations, it is free, reliable in-flight Wi-Fi that will make the biggest difference. 

Wi-Fi is make or break for airlines

Long gone are the days in which in-flight Wi-Fi was simply a ‘nice to have’. Today it is essential for many passengers. Fast and free connectivity is increasingly proving essential as well and when airlines do get the balance right, the rewards can be significant. 83% of passengers surveyed would rebook with an airline if it offered a quality in-flight connectivity experience.

Expectations have changed

Passengers have come to expect the same quality of connectivity they’re used to on the ground. No one wants to miss out, after all, and today that means being connected at all times. Passengers are looking to watch live sports, and even stream video games while flying at 30,000 feet.

Free Wi-Fi is a real opportunity for airlines

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, connecting passengers doesn’t have to put a financial strain on your business. Our research shows that passengers are willing to accept some restrictions, and even watch advertisements in exchange for free Wi-Fi.

Now’s the time to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi. The first step is understanding passengers’ expectations and aligning with them – and you can start to do that by downloading this vital report.

To download the full survey results, please click below.