Safe Triage Pro

Safe Triage

Inmarsat Certified

Safe Triage Pro was designed by civilian and military paramedics and enables robust real-time patient and incident data capture. The easy to use, ruggedised tablet PC, links wirelessly to appropriate monitoring equipment and transmits encrypted data. Safe Triage Pro can send data via satellite to a secure web based information portal for relevant healthcare and operational personnel.

Built for fast, secure connectivity and incident tracking, Safe Triage Pro’s intuitive, easy-to-use electronic patient record and monitoring system provides quickly accessible data. Meanwhile, the flexible and highly customisable platform enables tailored and standard operating procedures, provides medical guidelines and includes a drugs database.

Medical requirements across aid and development, oil and gas and transportation sectors can be met by Safe Triage Pro in a way that they have never been before. The solution’s geotagging and GIS functionality can map the outbreak of disease and track data pertaining to evolving disaster situations in real-time. A non-medically trained user can receive training through Safe Triage Pro that takes less than 60 minutes and then become a useful member of a medical team, anywhere in the world.

Through its Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, Inmarsat has certified Safe Triage Pro as Inmarsat-ready. Safe Triage Pro has been certified for use over Inmarsat’s IsatHub and BGAN services, using all BGAN land terminals.

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