Inmarsat Certified

Gmail is one of the most widely used email systems on the planet (reportedly hitting 1 billion users in the year 2016*), but the Gmail assumption of ample available bandwidth via conventional, terrestrial networks makes it unfeasible when deployed over most satellite networks. That’s where OneMail comes in. It provides rapid, specially optimised access to Gmail accounts via satellite connectivity, using patent-pending mail processing, and it also makes it easier for your experts to choose which emails they would like to download and which can be left until later.

OneMail does the hard work by sending users a summary of the emails in their Gmail inbox and it allows them to tag which emails they would like to see in full. The OneMail app then pulls together any emails flagged as important or interesting, compresses them, and sends them through to the user. This works via an attachment system which is completely private and encrypted, protecting the Gmail account. An added benefit is that even though the app pulls selected emails onto a user’s smart device, it does not delete any emails from their linked Gmail account. It effectively provides an auto-archive of the flagged emails that they can review in Gmail when they return to a place with a conventional network connection. Designed for the latest smart devices, the OneMail app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone and tablets.

As part of our Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, OneMail has been certified for use over the following Inmarsat services:

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