Low Profile BGAN
Low Profile BGAN’s remote operation and advanced power-management reflect the design principles of maximizing cost and operational effectiveness while minimizing the exposure of personnel to risk.
The antenna is built around a solid-state multi phased array that provides a 30 to 60 degree view angle when laid flat. The lie-flat capability is generated by the use of an advanced solid-state phased-array antenna, differentiating Low Profile BGAN from all other terminals.

With built-in GPS, Low Profile BGAN reduces the exposure of personnel to unnecessary risks and can be used for discreet and sensitive operations:

  • The antenna can be covered with a thin layer of any non-metallic material
  • The unit is silent in operation, and both modem and antenna are IP-67 rated
  • It can be configured to lie dormant until woken by a command over the network or a locally generated alarm signal from a connected sensor
  • Due to its very long battery life, the unit can be remotely operated, and very effectively hidden
Simple to use

The easy-to-use unit reduces the need for trained manpower and is simple to install without a PC.

Minimal pointing

An arrow on the antenna’s cover indicates the direction in which the antenna needs to be pointed, and audio pointing tones are also generated to a 3.5mm jack socket. The antenna is placed on a flat surface and oriented in the direction of the satellite and can then be covered with a light layer of soil or vegetation. The terminal is then connected to the IP feed from the surveillance and intelligence gathering systems.

Remote management

Low Profile BGAN’s sophisticated power management capability includes remote controlled wake-on-SMS or local automatically trigged power-up. This allows the system to operate for extended periods in stand-by mode, which enables ultra-low power consumption and thus extended battery life.

Rapidly deployable sensors

High performance sensors can be rapidly deployed at zero notice and the service fills gaps in existing sensor networks.

Global coverage

Low Profile BGAN is available across the globe, with the exception of the extreme Polar Regions, providing connectivity wherever your operations take you.

Reliable network

The service is delivered over the Inmarsat-4 network, with 99.9 percent satellite and ground network availability.


Low Profile BGAN meets military and government requirements for security and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards.

For a complete listing of third party solutions that have been certified for use over our network, please visit our solutions page.

Hughes Low Profile BGAN

The modem delivers exceptional low-power consumption (< 1 W idle) for off-the-grid installations. Both modem and antenna are IP-67 rated for outdoor use and can also be installed below ground-surface for inconspicuous operation. A thin layer of dry, non-metallic material over the antenna is permissible during TX/RX operation.

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Technical Specifications
Satellite TX Frequency @ 1626.5 – 1660.5MHz
Satellite RX Frequency @ 1525 – 1559 MHz
GPS Frequency @ 1574.42 – 1576.42 MHz
Modem Weight: < 2 Kg
Modem Dimensions: 253.5 mm x 176.5 mm x 53 mm
Antenna Weight: < 5kg
Antenna Dimensions: 240 mm x 240 mm x 29 mm
Operating Temperature: -40oC to +75oC
Storage Temperature: -45oC to +80oC
Humidity: 95% RH at +40oC
Antenna and modem – Water and Dust: IP-67 Compliant
Non-operational Mechanical Vibration: 200-2000Hz,0.3 m2/s3; MIL-SPEC 810B Method 500.3 proc. 1
Input Voltage Range: 2A @ 12V +/-10% or 1A @ 24V +/-10%
Other Features: LED status indicator (behind latch door)
Other featuresUSB-Type B for connection to configuration PC (behind latch door)
SIM/USIM Slot (behind latch door)
Boot Mode Button (in SIM slot behind latch door)
3.5mm Audio Jack for audio pointing tones (behind latch door)
Function Button (behind latch door)
Firmware upgrades: Over the air or local