GX for Enterprise

Why choose Global Xpress?


Global Xpress is a global network with unparalleled reach of service from anywhere in the world (excluding the extreme Polar Regions). So, even if you don’t know where your organisation will be located next, you can be assured that you will have the connectivity you need when you get there.


Global Xpress is reliable. No matter where or when you need to deploy mission-critical communications you can have absolute confidence in your connectivity.


Choosing Global Xpress can provide both time and financial savings. Instead of managing multiple contracts with regional satellite service suppliers, our single global network enables one set of training, support, purchasing and maintenance standards that can be applied throughout your organisation.

End-to-end solutions

Global Xpress is built on Inmarsat’s trusted worldwide infrastructure,  complementing both our portfolio  of Inmarsat services, and specific solutions from our trusted third party application providers. The result is  an end-to-end, fully managed connectivity service.


Global Xpress delivers high data rates through more compact terminals than those in Ku-band, meaning discreet terminals on-site that take up much less space. The network is accessible through a range of terminals that come in a portable, mobile or fixed form-factor.

All  Inmarsat type-approved terminals are simple to set up and use and each terminal has its own single, global IP address. The portfolio ranges in size from 60cm, lightweight and highly portable terminals through to the fixed-site installations of up to 2.4m.

Unusually, fixed terminals for Global Xpress are also easily transportable from one location to another, while our portable terminals include variants that can be packed down into two airline-checkable cases for easy global deployment.

Use cases

Here are just a few ways organisations can use Global Xpress for their land and off-shore communications.

Energy Aid and development
  • Video teleconferencing
    Real-time collaboration between remote site and specialists
  • VoIP
    Multiple simultaneous voice calls
  • Health and safety
    Telemedicine and training
  • Remote video streaming
    Inspection, problem solving, real-time remote decision making
  • Enterprise applications
    Email, Citrix, SAP, secure file transfer and more
  • Crew welfare
    Crew calling, high-speed broadband Internet, video chat, entertainment
  • Video surveillance
    Monitor remote sites for safety, security and environmental protection
  • Distance learning
    Access to learning management system (LMS) and content
  • Disaster relief
    Secure VPN, situational awareness and remote office applications
  • Emergency response
    Communicate and transmit a patient’s vital signs in real time
  • Post-disaster reconstruction
    Quick-deploy corporate communications and remote surveillance
  • Mobile clinics
    Telemedicine applications and access to intelligent decision support systems, aiding diagnosis and treatment
  • Refugee services
    Email, internet, video chat, social media, eHealth and eLearning
  • Community centres
    Access to emails, social media, online education and others
  • Events
    Elections, event anniversaries, global news stories
  • Business continuity
    Backup for terrestrial connectivity and hybrid solutions
  • Content distribution
    Supplying audio/video content where terrestrial circuits are not available
  • Temporary WAN connectivity
    Extension of corporate WAN for outside broadcasts
  • Bureau connectivity
    WAN extension and audio/video streaming for broadcast bureaus
  • TV/film/advertising dailies
    Transmission of content from remote video shoots for review at production centres

How to buy

Global Xpress is available to buy through our worldwide network of certified Partners. Together, we aim to deliver cost-effective and tailored solutions to enable organisations all over the world to operate more efficiently.