GX for Enterprise

Why choose Global Xpress?


Global Xpress is a worldwide network with unparalleled reach of service from any location (excluding the extreme Polar Regions). Even if you can’t predict where your operations will take you next, you can be assured that the connectivity you need will be there when you get there. We have a global network of satellites and a global terrestrial infrastructure backbone, supported by a global team of satellite specialists.

Network reliability

No matter where or when you need to deploy mission-critical communications, you can have absolute confidence in your connection. Unlike other VSAT solutions which advertise a Maximum Information Rate (MIR) that declines as user numbers increase on any given beam, the Inmarsat LX service allows you to choose the Committed Information Rate (CIR) most applicable to your operations. Need 99.5% CIR? The Mission Critical package offers you peace of mind. If 95% CIR is sufficient for your needs, you can opt for the Premium package. Different operations dictate different plans – the choice is yours to decide between CIR and cost.

Compact and easy

Flyaway terminals, rapid set up.

In order to be a truly reliable and adaptable satcom broadband solution, the ability to transfer hardware easily to your area of operation is crucial. GX terminals come in a variety of sizes and configurations – from large dishes suitable for long-term installations to portable terminals that are both airline checkable and hire car transportable.

Pull up, pop out, transmit.

Flexible plans

Only pay for what you transmit, only transmit for as long as you need.

Remote operations vary not only in the type of data transmitted but also in the length of deployment. Why pay for a three-month contract when one will suffice? Likewise, if your operation allows for long-term planning, benefit from the cost savings inherent in our two- or three-year contracts. You can control the length of your requirement and use your terminal anywhere in the world. You can also rapidly deploy and redeploy whenever required, with no notice. That’s true flexibility.