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Explore the flexibility of Land Xpress


Inmarsat's Paul Gudonis looks at the ways Land Xpress is helping companies perform more efficiently, safely and sustainably.

One of the best things about leading the Enterprise team at Inmarsat is the sheer breadth of industries and use cases our services touch: I certainly don’t get bored! As we add to our capability by launching the GX5 satellite it’s a good time to take stock of the different ways our Global Xpress (GX) service for land, Land Xpress (LX), is being used.

We recently signed a deal with a tier 1 mining company to support their global exploration operations, with LX being used to provide connectivity for instruments, machinery and people while their teams are in the field. This deal is particularly exciting because of who the customer is (I can’t tell you who, but you’d know the name) and the fact that our satellite terminals are helping support so many applications, potentially enabling billions in future revenues in the hunt for valuable deposits.

Elsewhere, we just finished the production of a video case study capturing the way that LX is being used in tropical locations around the world by France TV with our partner Marlink. Remote islands like New Caledonia, Reunion and Guadeloupe have the twin challenges of gaps in cellular connectivity and devastating weather events that limit their ability to broadcast as normal, so the broadcaster is using Land Xpress to circumvent these problems as they arise.

And, talking of weather events, it has been hard to watch the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas – with much of the island’s infrastructure damaged and people displaced it has become an unprecedented humanitarian challenge for the Caribbean nation. Amongst those agencies responding to this emergency with Inmarsat connectivity kit were emergency telecommunications NGO Télècoms Sans Frontières and one particularly close to my heart – Team Rubicon, a first responder/military veteran charity which has embedded with Inmarsat (there are now 50 or so Inmarsat volunteer Greyshirts) and has been on the ground with a range of services, including Land Xpress in recent times, as they help communities get back on their feet.

So, three different Land Xpress use cases in different fields and we are only going to see more interesting applications in the coming years. Strengthening our Global Xpress capability means we can help companies do things more efficiently, more safely and more sustainably and I for one can’t wait to see how our innovative partners and customers will use this opportunity.

Team Rubicon on scene after Hurricane Dorian

About the author

As President of Inmarsat Enterprise, Paul Gudonis is responsible for all Inmarsat business in Energy, Mining, Agritech, Aid & NGO; Development, Media and Integrated Transport Systems.

Paul joined Inmarsat in 2007 after 10 years in the British Army. Initially taking up a position within the Government team focused on Business Development, over the next four years Paul managed a growing number of partners across land, sea and air verticals (government and commercial) before eventually taking on the management of the Key Partners Team. In 2011, Paul moved into a sales management position within the Maritime Business Unit and in 2014 he moved into the Enterprise Business Unit to run the Channel Sales, Solutions Engineering, Sales Operations and Sector Development teams. He took on his current role in 2016.