Agricultural technology companies

Reliable internet connectivity is essential for the successful deployment of agricultural technologies, but with many rural areas suffering from unreliable or non-existent terrestrial coverage, agri-tech companies face challenges in growing their businesses. Inmarsat partners with leading names in the sector, enabling them to scale their solutions with our global, highly reliable satellite connectivity. We work collaboratively with you to identify the right connectivity and hardware solutions to suit the needs of your customers, and use the latest technologies to optimise your innovations to communicate over our network.

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Growers are under pressure to increase crop yields while also improving efficiencies. Inmarsat is working with leading agribusinesses to provide remote, real-time monitoring and control of fields and equipment in areas of low terrestrial coverage, allowing reductions in cost from manual monitoring and more accurate decision-making.

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When managing livestock over large farms and ranches, improved visibility of animals and the status of equipment such as water troughs is invaluable for improving efficiency, welfare and reducing losses. Whether you need to understand the position and health of your animals across large, remote areas of land, or view and control the status of key assets such as the water level in troughs, Inmarsat provides you with real time data and control using our highly reliable satellite network.

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Agri-food supply chain

The agricultural supply chain is complex, and must respond to the increasing need for food provenance, assuring adequate traceability for food safety and sustainability and the need to reduce post-harvest losses. However, with a complex multi-modal supply chain on land, sea and air, ensuring real time visibility of your assets is challenging. With our global geostationary satellite network and 40-year history of supplying reliable connectivity on the world’s oceans, airspace and land, Inmarsat is unique in its ability to help you increase visibility and control of the agri-food supply chain.

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