Inmarsat Certified

Businesses rely on remote offices and outposts to conduct operations, to be near customers, partners and suppliers and to expand into new markets. These enterprise customers often use virtualised desktops and applications from Citrix to save on IT capital and support costs and connectivity is crucial in making this happen. However, in these remote locations, connectivity can either be completely non-existent or patchy and unreliable, resulting in a degradation of end-user experience.

With its unique protocol acceleration along with data reduction capabilities, CloudBridge can deliver the best possible user experience across all IP-based platforms. The Citrix CloudBridge Wide Area Network (WAN) reduces WAN bandwidth congestion, improves the virtual desktop user experience and accelerates the transmission of traditional enterprise applications. It also provides a secure interconnection of enterprise campus and data centre locations with public and private cloud networks.

As part of our Certified Application Partner (CAP) programme, CloudBridge has been certified for use over the following Inmarsat services:

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