Keeping the border outposts connected

Staying connected is critical for border authorities, customs and immigration to secure a country’s boundaries efficiently and effectively. Inmarsat’s wide range of global voice and broadband data services provides all the communications needs of border security officials.

An on-demand connection to centralised customs and immigration systems using our BGAN service provides the most up to date, real-time access to shared information, where and when it’s needed. And with BGAN M2M you can set up cost-effective CCTV-based remote surveillance.

With global coverage from our FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadBand services, maritime border agencies can secure far beyond their own borders, to assist in multinational operations to counter piracy, drug smuggling and people trafficking.

Adding to our suite of comms is our new Global Xpress network, the world’s first globally available, high-speed mobile broadband service delivered through a single network operator. The EM Solutions developed Cobra multi-band terminals are currently proving a great success with the Cape Class ships defending Australia’s coastline. The greatest innovation in the new Cobra X/Ka-multiband terminal is its antenna feed system with the terminal meeting both WGS and Inmarsat specifications.