Our services enable civil governments to provide a resilient communications network when and where emergency services, border security and civil contingencies require it.
First responders need to be able to access and exchange information that helps them cope with a situation quickly and effectively, independent of the availability of terrestrial networks.
Our services are adapted for all types of military deployment, continually evolving and growing to match the changing face of operations.
Being able to communicate instantly and stay connected is vital for those who protect our borders, where rapid assessment of situations is essential.
In this fast-moving digital age, government leaders need to be aware of the issues concerning citizens and be able to respond effectively and efficiently anywhere across the globe.
Embassies and state representatives can rely on our secure, always-available voice, video and data communications to conduct diplomatic relations in periods of both calm and crisis.
Whether 30,000ft in the air, responding to a natural disaster or taking part in naval operations, Inmarsat has a secure, reliable connectivity solution for you.