Immediate access to voice and data

With BGAN and IsatPhone Pro, the first people to arrive at a disaster scene are armed with reliable voice and broadband communications, even when terrestrial and cellular networks are disrupted.

You can send and receive large volumes of data, stream live video of the damage while in conversation with experts, order replacement parts, check emails, and pick up important messages instantly to ensure business continuity.

Restore critical applications

With immediate access to independent voice and data connectivity, your mobile workforce is able to help restore critical applications in the field and ensure continuity of service.

Vehicular BGAN and IsatPhone Pro allow them to remain in contact when travelling around the disaster area. IsatPhone Pro is ideal just for making voice calls when you don’t need BGAN’s data capability. Docking stations are also available for in-car and indoor use.

How to set up BGAN – Backpack to Broadband in 3 Minutes

Depend on us during disasters

Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate at 99.9 per cent availability – even during extreme weather. And we pro-actively manage capacity to avoid congestion while disaster recovery operations are under way.

Despite the disruption, you can continue to backhaul data from your AMI connectors, as well as remotely automate and control your distribution infrastructure. Critical access to voice and data services is maintained, even when terrestrial networks have failed.

Restore critical applications following natural and man-made disasters:
  • BGAN terminals and IsatPhone Pro handsets are small and lightweight, but also rugged and well-adapted for use in rough terrain and hostile climates
  • Set up a broadband connection within minutes – with no technical expertise needed – to help conduct critical diagnostic procedures
  •  Power consumption is low and batteries, if used, are easy to recharge with solar panels or a vehicle charger
  •  Ensure data security through the configuration of encrypted private networks
  • Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate at 99.9 per cent availability, so connectivity is assured
  • Our network is resilient to bad weather and unaffected by earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • We proactively manage congestion during disaster recovery situations.

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