High-quality live coverage

BGAN’s on-demand Streaming IP gives you the ability to go live in high quality within minutes of arriving on the scene. With BGAN HDR. You get the highest, on-demand streaming rate in the world of mobile satcoms, enabling more complex productions including anchoring from where the story’s happening.

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Affordable live broadcasting

Cost-effective BGAN Streaming IP rates coupled with our end-to-end video solutions make first response coverage a reality for every type of media outlet. You can be the first to report live on a breaking story, whatever your technology platform.

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Store and forward content

BGAN’s Standard IP connection is ideal for sending content as files. Edit your package or rough cut clips and upload them to your production system. Revolutionise your speed to publication with a broadband connection wherever you are in the world.

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Mobile newsdesk

Extend your newsroom into the field. Use BGAN’s capabilities to keep newsgatherers in touch with the latest developments and provide access to your news production system, as well as data, voice, and email connectivity. BGAN gives you the competitive information you need.

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Live audio broadcasting

Lower-speed BGAN Streaming IP rates are ideal for live audio contributions. All you need is a rugged BGAN terminal and your smartphone, laptop or hardware encoder.

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Photo and print journalism

With a BGAN Standard IP connection, news journalists can file reports directly from the field. Because you don’t need a terrestrial broadband connection, you can stay at the scene and keep your audiences up-to-date with events as they unfold.

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