Agriculture is changing: digitalisation and emerging technologies are beginning to enable food producers to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability. This represents a huge opportunity for technology providers, although challenges remain around connectivity. With many agricultural technologies at the early adoption stage with farmers and growers, it is crucial that technology providers address connectivity head-on so that it does not prevent market access as innovations are scaled up.

Inmarsat is helping agricultural technology companies to gain access to new markets in remote areas, where terrestrial connectivity is unreliable. We work collaboratively with our partners to identify the right connectivity and hardware solutions to suit the needs of their customers, and use the latest technologies to optimise their innovations to communicate over our network. Satellite is a cost-effective and flexible communications technology for agricultural use, with highly portable hardware and highly compatible with other connectivity types such as cellular.

Our services

We offer a range of reliable, global and mobile satellite connectivity services, which we can tailor and combine to suit your customers’ connectivity needs.

Our low data connectivity services offer two-way messaging, which makes our services particularly suitable for technologies offering remote control capability or a need to install updates remotely.

Where deployment areas suffer from no access to power we can provide integrated connectivity solutions that are self-powered through solar or wind and include gateways for local networks e.g. LoRaWAN, private LTE or mesh networks – that can be managed remotely.

Depending on your technology’s capabilities, we also offer leases of satellite capacity for your equipment to communicate directly with our constellation. We take a collaborative approach, working with you to design the best connectivity solution for your technology and market needs.

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