GX Aviation

A unique, award-winning inflight broadband solution that offers the fastest speed, highest capacity, lowest latency and most comprehensive coverage over Europe and adjacent seas.

Jet ConneX

Our business aviation inflight Wi-Fi solution sets the industry standard for reliability, with guaranteed data rates and affordable bandwidth upgrades.


Land Xpress

Helping land-based organisations build a more efficient, safer and sustainable world with unrivalled satellite broadband. 


GX for Government

G2X complements government satellite communications, delivering optimal redundancy, diversity, security and global portability. 


Fleet Xpress

Unlimited high bandwidth, reliable and global coverage, an ecosystem of value-added services. Enable digitalisation, protect from cyber risks, and provide a simple and easy crew internet solution.

Fleet Data

Take control of your vessel’s data and make decisions in real-time with an end-to-end IoT platform for data collection, transfer, storage and analysis. Digitalisation made easy.