Meet Inmarsat’s women in engineering

Today is International Women in Engineering Day (INWED20) and we are proud to introduce some of the talented female engineers who work across the business at Inmarsat – from graduates through to senior leaders.

INWED20 is an annual event that aims to raise the profile of women engineers and encourage more people to consider a career in engineering and ‘Shape the World’ – this year’s theme.

Find out about some of the diverse roles on offer within satellite communications and get some first-hand advice from Inmarsat engineers that are helping to shape the world in the space industry:

Eva Gonzalez

Job title: Director, Satellite infrastructure & Advanced Payloads

Job description: I lead a team of engineers in Space Segment supporting the capacity planning for our future satellite infrastructure and the program execution of our I-6 and GX7, 8 & 9 satellites. I am also the Program Manager for our two GX HEO satellite payloads.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is to try not to judge yourself in this (still) male dominated work environment; observe it and learn from it without forgetting your motivations for working in engineering. Believe in yourself and do your best. Keep self-awareness and self-stem!

Annalisa Iacono

Job title: RF Antenna Engineer, PhD

Job description: As RF antenna engineer for the Space Segment, my job is to follow all activities related to the design, manufacture and testing of the antennas on the satellite, from procurement to In-Orbit Testing.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is to have perseverance and passion – these are the main ingredients to follow your dreams.

Melinda Janda

Job title: Vice President, Commercial Strategy, Business and General Aviation

Job description: I design connectivity solutions for Business Jets

One piece of advice I would offer young girls thinking about a career in engineering is don’t be afraid to disagree. Pushing back opens doors for you. As an engineer, you add value on day one by bringing your unique point of view to your work.

Lara Revilla-Martin

Job title: Senior Test Technology Engineer

Job description: I work in the Aviation lab developing and supporting the lab infrastructure, including both hardware and software.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. And always continue to learn!

Marion Allayioti

Job title: Lease Operations Engineer.

Job description: I work in the operations department of Inmarsat as an Engineer.

My advice to young girls thinking of following a career in engineering would be, follow your interests and be confident in your abilities. Engineering is a very interesting world, full of challenges that are worth experiencing.

Valerie Chu

Job title: Director Major Programmes

Job description: I lead the Airlines Operational Communications services in the Iris programme, this includes pilot trials with airlines, managing OEMs, applications providers and distribution partners.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is to get a mentor who can help you shape your career.

Céline Pasty

Job title: Director, Service Performance Analysis

Job description: I carry out analyses of how Inmarsat services perform, detecting trends and anticipating potential problems, in order to continuously improve the quality of the services and the customer experience.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is to challenge yourself. You will develop your skillset, grow your strengths and increase your confidence.

Alessandra Rossetti

Job title:  Operations Engineering in the Satellite Control Centre.

Job description: I make sure that the operational routine can work and be executed seamlessly on our system from the moment we start working with the manufacturer to the end of life of the spacecraft.

My advice to young girls considering a career in engineering is to go for it: solving problems is the one thing that will make sure your day will never be boring!

Saida Caunhye

Job title: Senior Operations Engineer, Aviation

Job description:  My role is to ensure that all aircraft in-flight communication system incidents are supported in a timely manner so that aircraft can be returned to service within schedule.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is that it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, always believe in yourself and reach for the stars.

Edwina Paisley

Job Title: Director of Satellite Programmes, Inmarsat-6 Programme Manager

Job description: I look after the construction and launch of the two next generation Inmarsat-6 spacecraft (F1 and F2), the largest and most powerful spacecraft of the Inmarsat fleet.

One piece of advice for girls considering a career in engineering is that good engineers are curious engineers: ask as many questions as you can, as often as you can, and to as many people as possible – the answers you receive will form the engineer you will become.

Yasrine Ibnyahya

Job title: Director, Advanced Concepts and Technologies

Job description: I am responsible for defining new and innovative technology concepts that will create new services and revenue opportunities.

One piece of advice I would offer is that there is so much space for girls in engineering. Bring your enthusiasm, curiosity and determination, and you will make the difference!

Helene Cantet

Job title: Aviation Engineering Solutions Director

Job description: I lead a large engineering team that develops, integrates, builds and tests customised inflight connectivity services for commercial airlines. This also encompasses the developments of data analytics tools to manage and monitor the networks.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is never forget to stay yourself and trust your intuition! You can rely on your capabilities more than you think and your “guts” will always drive you in the right direction.

Swathi Mutyapu

Job title: Service Performance Analyst

Job description: I perform several service performance analysis core activities, produce necessary reporting with some data engineering and implement the proactive alerting function to improve the customer experience wherever required.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is never, ever stop learning. There is so much we don’t know, but you have such a great opportunity to keep learning.

Jennifer Kyan

Job title: Flight Dynamicist

Job description: I work in the satellite control division, determining the position of the spacecraft and planning manoeuvres to keep them where they are supposed to be.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is if you think you don’t meet the spec for a job, apply anyway. You never know, you may be exactly what they are looking for.

Afrilia Citra Nandasari

Job title: Network and Voice Services Engineer

Job description: Voice services (circuit switch and IP voice) related works to maintain core network configurations across all voice services services and BGAN network.

My advice for young girls is that engineering life is cool. Although engineering women are not as common compared to men, believe me there are increasing opportunities for women in engineering these day, so go get your dream!

Daniela Cipollone

Job title: Flight Dynamics Engineer

Job description: Planning manoeuvres to keep the satellites where they are supposed to be and to avoid collisions with other objects.

One piece of advice I would offer is to ignore pressure to pursue a different field: don’t let input from others sidetrack your experience. Let your passions, talents, curiosities, inspirations and life’s mission drive your schooling and career.

Abbey Stock

Job title: Technical and Engineering Graduate

Job description: My current rotation is acting as the quality assurance lead for a new service Inmarsat is developing, which involves writing a test plan for completing the type approval of the terminal so it can be used over the network.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is to attend as many networking events as you can, never underestimate the power of having connections in your chosen field.

Abigail Murphy

Job title: Technology & Engineering Graduate.

Job Description: As a T&E graduate, I’ve held four six-month across the business over the course of two years. I am now in my final rotation with the Product Strategy team and move into my permanent role this September.

My advice to young girls thinking of a career in engineering is don’t be afraid to defy the stereotypes and be your most authentic self – there is a place in STEM for everyone!


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