GX5 launch update

25 November 2019: Update

Due to unfavourable weather conditions over the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, Arianespace has decided to delay the Arian 5 Flight VA250 which will launch GX5 by 24 hours.

The new targetted launch date is Tuesday 26 November 2o19 from 21:09 GMT. More details can be found on the Arianespace website here.

25 November 2019:

The Arianespace investigation on the power supply in the ground segment of the Ariane 5 launch complex along with associated checks allow to restart the launch chronology of Arianespace Flight VA250.

The new targeted launch date is Monday 25 November 2019, as soon as possible within the following window:

  • Between 4:08 p.m. and 5:53 p.m. Washington, D.C. time
  • Between 6:08 p.m. and 7:53 p.m. Kourou, French Guiana time
  • Between 21:08 and 22:53 Universal / London Time (UTC/UK time)
  • Between 10:08 p.m. and 11:53 p.m. Paris time, on the night of November 25
  • Between 11:08 p.m. and 00:53 a.m. Cairo time, during the night of November 25 to 26

The launcher and Inmarsat GX5 are being maintained in fully safe conditions and in stand-by mode.

Visit the Arianespace website for more information.

22 November 2019:

Please find a link to the latest GX5 launch statement from Arianespace. Due to a power supply anomaly in the ground segment of the Ariane 5 launch complex, there has been a launch postponement. More here: