Inmarsat Partners: Satcom Direct and COMSAT


In celebration of 40 years of innovation, we shine a spotlight on some of the incredible partners that have been on the journey with us. Next up is David Greenhill, CEO at Satcom Direct and COMSAT.

At the SATELLITE 2019 Conference in Washington, D.C. we sat down with David Greenhill, CEO at Satcom Direct Communications and COMSAT, to discuss its successful partnership with Inmarsat in the U.S. government market and other industry issues. Satcom Direct and its companies provide global connectivity solutions for business and general aviation, military, government, and head of state aircraft. The company also provides land mobile services to areas with connectivity limitations. Through the world’s most extensive portfolio of global narrowband and wideband services, and via our ecosystem of best-of-breed wholesale channel partners such as Satcom Direct and COMSAT, we deliver robust, flexible and scalable alternatives for U.S. government customers to complement their satellite communications in both L-band and Ka-band, whenever needed.

During this video podcast, Mr. Greenhill touches upon a number of topics on why Satcom Direct and COMSAT partner with Inmarsat to include the critical role continuity, reliability and mobility play in ensuring mission success. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity on their network infrastructure so customer traffic is completely protected end-to-end. Mr. Greenhill points out that while it is Inmarsat’s 40th anniversary, COMSAT has been in business for 56 years and has worked together over time to establish “anytime, anywhere” connectivity to support U.S. government operations worldwide. COMSAT played a pivotal role in the establishment of Inmarsat 40 years ago, as their Southbury, CT Teleport was the first earth station utilized for services. The company was also the first partner to provide Inmarsat services – from mobile BGAN units and handheld phones to FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband to Global Xpress. These services and on-going innovation are critical to government users who often are faced with harsh environments and missions that require constant and quick adaptation.

“It is within this spirit of limitless innovation that we move forward in our partnership fully confident that users and their missions will be supported with the most seamless, flexible, resilient, global, secure and capable SATCOM available. And we expect to be doing the same four decades from now – and beyond!” said Mr. Greenhill. “The Warfighters fight for us, and we fight for them – by providing the most reliable and secure satellite communications for 100% mission success. We don’t just see our work for the government as a contractual obligation, but a moral one. We are here to ensure that our fighting men and women have the best communications possible to ensure their mission success through our reliability and support.”

Inmarsat services are made available globally to the U.S. government thanks to our channel partners.  By combining the expertise of our industry partners, who have been at the forefront of satellite communications-related technology and innovation for several decades, as well as input from our U.S. government customers, we continue to develop next-generation commercial capabilities built for users in all domains. To learn more about Inmarsat’s partnership with Satcom Direct and COMSAT click here and watch the full video podcast.