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Space sustainability report


Inmarsat's new report looks at how industry and government bodies might start down the path of space sustainability with practical and actionable initiatives that can be immediately adopted by all satellite operators.

To coincide with the 4th Summit for Space Sustainability, Inmarsat published a far-reaching report to enhance sustainability, reduce satellite debris and strengthen the protection of the many benefits we enjoy from space.

Compiled with the help of AstroAnalytica, it sets out a series of practical actions that can be immediately adopted by all satellite operators in pursuit of space sustainability. It calls for changes in operational practices, sound regulation, and a greater sense of space environmentalism. 

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I firmly believe that the smart, sustainable use of space can make our planet a better place. But as we rush to put thousands more objects in orbit, there is a considerable risk that without immediate, concerted action we will leave space as a greatly diminished asset for generations to come. 

Rajeev Suri, Inmarsat CEO