Insight | JX-Pro takes Jet ConneX to new heights


JX-Pro takes Jet ConneX to new heights


Inmarsat has launched a new high-end inflight connectivity package for data hungry business aviation customers, offering higher speeds and unlimited usage.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva this month, Inmarsat announced a brand new top-end package for its Jet ConneX (JX) business aviation inflight broadband solution. The new fastest-ever plan, named JX-Pro, offers unlimited data usage and 33% higher speeds compared to Jet ConneX’s previous fastest plan.

“More and more business aviation customers are expressing an interest in upgrading to a faster, all-inclusive connectivity package, so it was natural for us to introduce JX-Pro to meet that demand,” explained Melinda Janda, Inmarsat Aviation’s Vice President of Market Strategy. “We have the fastest global network and we can deliver the fastest speeds in the business aviation market. So we are essentially opening the top off, so that people can take full advantage of the JX system”.

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Jet ConneX

Our business aviation inflight Wi-Fi solution sets the industry standard for reliability, with guaranteed data rates and affordable bandwidth upgrades.

Inmarsat Aviation President Phil Balaam with Airbus Head of Space Systems, Nicolas Chamussy

Jet ConneX really does provide its customers with unrivalled performance and the fastest connectivity speeds available in the market today. It the only global, high-speed inflight broadband option available in Ka-band for business jets, powered by Inmarsat’s wholly-owned and operated network of high-throughput satellites. These satellites were built for purpose for mobility, so provide reliable connectivity in the air, similar to what has previously only been available on the ground.

“No one else has a global network that has been built for purpose to deliver uniform experiences around the world as far as users go,” says Janda. “When passengers get on their jet embodied with Jet ConneX, it’s the same wonderful experience, no matter where they go in the world.”

Inmarsat prides itself on being a global mobile satellite service provider that provides uniform experiences across its network. Competitors in the business aviation market do not necessarily build their network for that purpose, so they can’t offer the same global coverage across 100% of major routes.

“Inmarsat has now had many years of experience operating its next-generation GX global satellite network, which powers JX,” asserts Janda. “So we feel comfortable putting out this unprecedented new ‘JX-Pro’ package because we know that our network is extremely capable of supporting it.”

And with upgrading performed remotely and completed at the request to the service provider, it seems very likely that there will be many data-hungry customers who will be taking advantage of the most premium service out there.

Kai Tang, Senior Vice President of Channel at Inmarsat Aviation, summed it up. “Jet ConneX has received an extremely positive response from the business aviation market. More than 500 installations have already been completed and take-up rates show no signs of slowing down.”

“We strive to evolve the service in response to market feedback, as the launch of JX-Pro has shown. Demand is expected to be strong and we look forward to rolling out the ground-breaking new capabilities of this package offering with our global network of partners.”

Jet ConneX will also benefit from Inmarsat’s confirmed investment in new Ka-band payloads to further enhance its global service. New satellite launches are scheduled in 2019, 2020 and 2021, whilst planning has already started for Inmarsat’s next generation of satellites.

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