Insight | Is it ‘Netflix-y’ good? Inmarsat partner Honeywell takes inflight broadband on tour


Is it ‘Netflix-y’ good? Inmarsat partner Honeywell takes inflight broadband on tour

Selected media join a test flight to try and ‘break’ the inflight Wi-Fi. Here’s what happened

Honeywell, Inmarsat’s hardware partner, provides the right kit to bring airlines online with GX Aviation, putting ground-breaking broadband at the fingertips of passengers and pilots alike. This year, Honeywell is taking its kit on tour.

Using a modified Boeing 757 test plane to showcase its ‘connected capabilities’, Honeywell is flying to a dozen countries around the world with its JetWave high-speed broadband hardware, powered by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation. During this world tour the firm is inviting the media to come and put the Wi-Fi in the sky through its paces. Now the tour has kicked off, let’s take a look at how it’s gone down so far.

The tour started in May 2017 and began its 26-city odyssey

To name a few...

New York:



And, in Paris, Honeywell launched the Paris Air Show with its unique Boeing 757

During these flights, members of the media have been testing, playing and streaming content using high-speed, global broadband powered by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation.

CNN live streamed mid-flight

The Today Show in America joined in the excitement, broadcasting live from their reporter in the plane, beamed to the presenters in the studio using GX Aviation

Journalists got online. From watching movies…

To FaceTiming family…

And posting LOTS of pictures and videos

In fact, the media were pleasantly impressed

And it all led to some very positive words

Flying Mag said that ‘blazing fast internet could upend the airline market’

Fast Company said it would make flying more ‘Netflix-y’: 

The Atlantic produced an excellent account of ‘everything it will take to get faster Wi-Fi on planes’.

While CNET finally proclaimed the Boeing 757 a ‘plane with Wi-Fi that doesn’t suck’.

Finally, AIN Online gave a good rundown of how connectivity can improve passenger experience.

So far, so good. As we draw yet another step closer to changing the aviation industry forever – with truly global, high-speed broadband in the sky – the feedback is excitingly positive. Honeywell’s World Tour continues and you can follow it by searching #WiFiThatFlies and #HoneywellRocks on social media.

Meanwhile, Inmarsat continues to take the industry forward with game-changing connectivity, from launching a new EAN satellite with Arianespace to bringing Lufthansa Group’s infight connectivity service to life. Look out for more announcements soon.