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The In-flight Connectivity Revolution


Inmarsat Aviation has put together a white paper to look into the ways technology is driving the consumer market and consequently passenger experience. With a fully connected world, we found that growing data consumption (25 exabytes per month to be consumed by 2019) will be dictating the strategies airlines adopt in the near future. Once the ‘connected aircraft’ becomes a given, users will ask for more, and expect a quality of service similar to the one they access on the ground.

How can we support airlines in developing business that integrate these trends?

Satellite operators are investing in new generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology to meet growing demand in multiple industries. The aviation industry will particularly benefit from these new technologies to be able to offer a consistent uninterrupted service that adapts to current and future needs. It is therefore up to airlines to choose a long-term partner that can keep up with a high level of transformation.

What we offer

We have given it extensive thought and summed up the best ways Inmarsat Aviation can meet expectations. By bringing together a network of skilled partners, Inmarsat holds itself accountable for the quality of service provided; one that the entire value chain is satisfied with. The end-to-end proposition is driven by our wholly-owned network, designed to deliver the most cost-effective offering to customers.

A complete service offering

Global Xpress: US$1.6 billion has been invested in this global Ka-band satellite network to deliver a consistently reliable, high quality, broadband experience, unmatched by other connectivity providers.

EU Aviation network: an investment has been made to further enhance Inmarsat’s connectivity options, mainly over the European skies. An S-band satellite and complementary ground network will offer greater capacity at lower costs.

It is not just about investment and complying with current trends but where our business is rooted. We have been providing proven and trusted communications to the cockpit for over 20 years and will transpose this know-how to the cabin. It’s all about providing the right service.

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