We understand the importance of providing real-life work experience for young people and therefore offer a range of opportunities to get involved in our business.

Work experience

Inmarsat Passport Programme

Our Passport Programme, aimed at 14–17-year olds, has been designed to ensure that we help young people to develop confidence, have a growth mind-set and specifically provide learning and development opportunities.

Every student who signs up has two months access to a secure learning platform with exclusive content broken down into three modules:

Business skills

Developing invaluable skills for adult life and the workplace, including topics such communication, managing time and understanding your learning style.

Careers and employability

Providing insight into a range of different careers and helping you to write a great CV, develop interview skills and build an online profile

Inmarsat knowledge

This final section will help develop your understanding of Inmarsat and the telecommunications industry more broadly

Students who successfully complete the programme will have exclusive access to a limited number of work experience places (currently virtual) at Inmarsat.

To apply to join our Passport Programme and gain two months access to exclusive content please complete the registration form below:


Optional Data

This data helps us to understand our audience better and ensures that we are reaching a broad range of participants from diverse backgrounds and, meeting the needs of all.

In-person work experience

We are currently unable to provide opportunities for young people to join us for work experience in person.

If you have questions or queries regarding our Passport Programme or work experience in general, or you are a teacher looking for more information please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

Internships – Currently not in operation due to COVID-19

Our annual nine-week internship programmes run over a fixed period that falls between the end of June and the end of August and offer a small number of places to experience a range of departments within our business. In the past, these have included Finance, Engineering and HR.

Work term placements (Canada) – Currently not in operation due to COVID-19

Our St John’s office regularly hosts work term students from local post secondary institutions. Over the past five years, we have employed approximately 25 work term students in the IT, Engineering and Finance fields.

Work term students gain a wealth of knowledge and experience over a period of 12-16 weeks. The exposure they gain from working in an international office has proven to be invaluable in the local market.

"Work term opportunities provide a great opportunity for the student to gain some real world experience related to their chosen career paths and an opportunity for Inmarsat to gain access to new skills and capabilities."

David Thornhill
Senior Vice-President Group IT

Completing a work term with Inmarsat can, on occasion, lead to an offer of full time employment. Employees like Christian Decker can attest to the success of that evolution. Christian originally joined us as a work term student of the Computer Systems and Networking Diploma programme at College of the North Atlantic. He was hired shortly after graduation to work as an IT Service Desk Analyst. Christian tells us a little bit about his experience and why he thinks the work term programme helped foster his career aspirations.

"My work term helped me to familiarise myself with Inmarsat’s software and hardware solutions so that when I was offered a permanent role I was able to hit the ground running. It also allowed me to develop the soft skills such as time prioritisation and business etiquette.

Work terms were an important part of my diploma because it allowed me to see how all the systems I had learned about would function together in a business environment and allowed me to see things in an entirely different way."

Christian Decker
IT Service Desk Analyst


Throughout the year, we offer a number of opportunities for individuals to undertake a specific project for a duration of six, nine or 12 months. Applicants typically will be working towards a degree and in their third year of study, however some positions will accept applications from individuals who have recently completed a degree.