Stay in contact on the move

Team members can remain in contact when they are travelling round the disaster zone during the initial response, and later during reconstruction when they are visiting outlying communities.

Using IsatPhone Pro and vehicular BGAN they can report back to the field office or headquarters via email, text or voice calls. With vehicular BGAN they can also film and stream or store videos of what they’re seeing.

Enjoy discrete personal safety

Both IsatPhone Pro and vehicular BGAN let your field workers pinpoint their location so they and you always know where they are.

IsatPhone Pro’s small handset allows them to connect almost instantly to the satellite network and to seek assistance should the situation deteriorate –without drawing attention to what they’re doing.

Stay in touch

BGAN makes it easy for your field workers to stay in touch with family and friends when working away for extended periods.

With pre-paid airtime cards they can phone home, send emails and texts, and access the internet during their free time. Enabling them to communicate like they do at home helps keep morale high.

Benefit local communities

In the initial days after a disaster IsatPhone Link can provide a humanitarian calling service, giving survivors a link to the outside world to reassure loved-ones they are safe.

During longer-term development projects BGAN can also introduce telemedicine for remote clinics and telebanking.

Ensuring personal safety, improving quality of life:
  • IsatPhone Pro and vehicular BGAN work in just about any conditions – from torrential rain and dust storms to searing heat to freezing fog
  • GPS location data can be sent as a text or email
  • IsatPhone Link is a low-cost, fixed-line global satellite phone service supporting voice calls, texting, short emails, GPS location and low rate data
  • During medical examinations and operations, you can use BGAN to stream high-quality live video and diagnostic data while talking through treatment with a specialist
  • Vehicular BGAN terminals take up minimal interior space, with a discrete tracking antenna mounted on the roof.

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