Restore community life

As disaster response moves from providing essential aid to reconstruction, BGAN can continue to meet the needs of your expanding team of project managers, technicians, contractors and administrators.

BGAN gives them reliable access to all the software on your main servers, so they’re able to schedule tasks, solve problems, analyse risks, manage activities, control quality, update key people and review progress as if they were back in HQ.

Enjoy affordable connectivity

BGAN provides multi-user voice and internet access for up to 10 people at the same time using a single terminal.

You can send detailed progress reports with embedded graphs, photos and video, or videoconference with other colleagues around the world, or send text messages, email and access the internet.

Both terminals and airtime are relatively affordable and there are no set up-costs.

Safeguard team welfare

Team members can remain in contact while on the move using vehicular BGAN and IsatPhone Pro. Both let them relay their location when travelling in remote and dangerous areas.

Ensure site security

BGAN can be connected to CCTV for remote surveillance of temporary sites, so you can monitor for intruders and ensure essential equipment and materials don’t vanish.

One solution for all your remote voice, video and data needs:
  • BGAN is compatible with a wide range of networking solutions, including wireless routers, virtual private networks, thin-client software and FTP solutions
  • BGAN supports ISDN and IP, so integrates seamlessly with your regional network infrastructures
  • BGAN terminals are portable, easy to set up and rugged to withstand challenging environments and extreme climates
  • Your field workers can depend on their connectivity as the Inmarsat network operates at 99.9 per cent availability
  • We pro-actively manage surges in traffic in disaster zones
  • Flexible pricing packages, with post-paid and pre-paid options help manage your costs
  • 24/7 customer support through our worldwide network of partners.

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