Expedite your aid mission

Reports are coming in of a new disaster – perhaps an earthquake or tsunami. Your people are filling their backpacks with first-day essentials, including BGAN, IsatPhone Pro and their plane tickets, and then they’re quickly out the door.

As they land they’re on the phone with fresh updates, or streaming live video so you too can see conditions on the ground, or sending real-time data on the rescue operations and connecting with other aid agencies to co-ordinate the response.

Save lives with faster response times

With BGAN your first people on the scene of a disaster can co-ordinate search and rescue efforts, set up medical centres and oversee delivery of aid to survivors – helping to speed up response times and saving more lives.

Afterwards you can use BGAN to set up a communications link for survivors to contact family and friends to let them know they’re safe.

Stay safe while moving around

Vehicular BGAN is ideal for when your field workers need to stay in touch while travelling round the disaster zone. For extra peace of mind, BGAN lets you pinpoint their location.

Make quick and easy phone calls

IsatPhone Pro is an ideal choice for quick voice calls back to your headquarters or regional office, especially when your aid workers have a minimal requirement for data.

Raise awareness back home

Use BGAN to keep the public and financial supporters back home in the picture with the latest news from the disaster zone –through your field workers’ blogs, tweets and Facebook news feeds – helping to raise awareness and boost donations.

BGAN restores essential connectivity for emergency response:
  • A lightweight BGAN terminal plus airtime package is all field workers need to co-ordinate activities by phone, text, and email
  • Terminals are rugged and small enough to fit alongside a laptop in your backpack
  • Field workers don’t need any technical expertise to use BGAN
  • Humanitarian pricing packages bundle pre-paid airtime with BGAN terminals as a one-off purchase, helping you to manage costs
  • Your field workers can depend on BGAN connectivity as the Inmarsat network operates at 99.9 per cent availability
  • Traffic is pro-actively managed during disasters to minimise congestion
  • Inmarsat has a long history providing reliable communications for relief of man-made and natural disasters.

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