Freedom to create your own rules

Do you need extra control? Perhaps you intend to provide services to others and you need assurances you can deliver on service level agreements, or maybe keeping connected to your assets is absolutely paramount. This is where our leasing services make life easier. By renting part of our global satellite spectrum, you gain complete ownership and control of your connectivity, wherever you are in the world.

Inmarsat’s leasing services give you full flexibility and scalability in your satellite operations. Whether you want to focus your coverage on a highly specific area, a wider geographic region or multiple locations around the world, we can make it happen. In every case, the spectrum you leaase will be yours, and yours entirely.

Building the right leasing service for you

Whether you need a lease for a few days to five years we can build the right plan for you. Equally, whether you need the lease to cover a global beam, regional beam, narrow spot beam, steerable beam or even a bespoke beam we can help. You tell us what you need, we build the service with you and then it is over to you, we only get involved at pre-defined periods or in the case our help is needed.

Enterprise leasing services

Point to Multipoint

Point to Multipoint (PMP) is an L-Band lease service providing the power, bandwidth and satellite coverage area for full-time, pre-assigned, unidirectional data distribution from a single uplink to an unlimited number of downlinks using the Inmarsat I4 satellite constellation. In PMP connectivity, remote sites are in receive-only mode: adding receive-only sites does not affect the size of the uplink. We can provide global, regional or narrow spot coverage, according to requirements. Typical applications of PMP include differential GPS, commercial asset tracking, media broadcasting, chart updates and weather reports.

Assured access

Assured access ensures you receive a contractually defined grade of service even when the network is heavily loaded in the local region. If you want an uncontended guaranteed level performance for your terminal this is for you.


  • Agriculture for precise point positioning supporting field operations such as planting, tillage and harvesting
  • Autonomous vehicles for precise point positioning enabling vehicles in the transport and mining sectors to drive autonomously
  • GNSS augmentation for providing precise point positioning for mapping and surveying, supporting agriculture, oil and gas exploration and mining
  • Content distribution for point to multipoint applications like emergency broadcasting, radio and TV
  • Asset management enabling tracking, diagnostics and monitoring




  • Global coverage and real-time beam switching: The Inmarsat network is available anywhere in the world, with real-time beam switching available to ensure you stay covered at all times.
  • Choice of satellite beams: Choose from spot, regional, global or bespoke beams depending on your circumstances. Whatever your needs, we’re ready to be flexible.
  • Assured access: Link up to the Inmarsat network using any existing kit and infrastructure, helping you maximise the potential of your IoT devices
  • Narrowband IT capability: The Inmarsat spectrum has the capacity and capability needed to support IoT devices operating through narrowband IT


  • Fully scalable: Choose a leasing arrangement to suit you, with the option to scale up or down rapidly as needed.
  • Secure: Our network meets military and government requirements for security and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards.
  • Rapid data transfer: Achieve throughputs of up to 10 Mbps, helping you get the insights you need in double-quick time
  • Infrastructure-independent: No need to purchase any corresponding infrastructure as part of your leasing agreement. Once your lease is sorted, you’re good to go.

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