Throughout these unprecedented times, Inmarsat has been focused on keeping our families, colleagues and communities safe and healthy.

Together with our global community of partners, and alongside the entire satellite communications industry, we have continued to work around the world to ensure that our customers are able to rely on our connectivity solutions for vital safety and humanitarian services, and to keep the arteries of global trade flowing.

During this crucial time, we are proud to be supporting the maritime and aviation industries, governments, humanitarian organisations and a worldwide community of public and private enterprises, as they respond to such a difficult range of challenges. 

Our dedicated colleagues and partners quickly adapted to new ways of working which ensured that Inmarsat’s global communications networks and connectivity solutions not only continued to support customers on land, at sea and in the air but have also continued to grow to deliver ever more enhanced services.

If you would like to learn more about how we have been working with our partners and customers, please see the links to the stories below.

Latest COVID-19 Updates