A single online environment to oversee your connectivity activity 

For onshore use

Fast, responsive and intuitively designed to deliver the best possible experience for remote connectivity management, Self Service Portal is the latest innovative addition to Inmarsat’s comprehensive suite of maritime software solutions. Better still, the Self Service Portal is seamlessly integrated as a default option across all Fleet Xpress packages.

New portal designed for modern maritime businesses

Self Service Portal addresses the requirement of maritime companies for a remote management tool that caters to their daily operational needs. 

It’s vital you know each vessel’s location, how they’re connected, and that those connections are secure, so you can provide necessary support for keeping everyone safely on course. The Self Service Portal delivers the ability to see your entire fleet’s real-time connectivity status. That means you get total transparency on usage and can make the very most of your Fleet Xpress package.

All the information you need, when you need it

The Self Service Portal features an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that provides comprehensive oversight of your vessels. 

This eliminates the need to contact customer support. Everything you require to get a clear view of every vessel is readily available at your fingertips, empowering you to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Self Service Portal key features:

  • Cyber Secure: Single sign-on integration with Okta and Apigee provides seamless alignment with your cyber-security protocols. And because Self Service Portal adheres to modern security practices and policies on remote access, implementing the software is a much streamlined process. 
  • 360° view: Self Service Portal makes it easy to monitor connection speeds and types (CIR and MIR), data usage, and the location of your vessels. By seeing how connectivity is used onboard, you’ll gain insights into what’s essential to get the job done; and when action or an upgrade is required to make sure that happens. With this knowledge you can maximise the value and potential of the Fleet Xpress service.
  • Finance-friendly: Self Service Portal facilitates easy retrieval of invoices, allowing your team to stay on top of administration tasks. 
  • Efficient Vessel Support: Easily check the status of support cases and keep track of open tickets. Ensure that nothing on your ‘to do’ list gets omitted or forgotten, maintaining a streamlined approach to vessel support management.  

For On Board the vessel

Monitor connectivity at sea

Inmarsat Fleet Link's intuitive dashboard gives crew on board real-time visibility of their satellite connectivity status and empowers them to quickly resolve issues with the easy-to-use troubleshooting wizard – all without having to contact Customer Support or onshore IT teams.  

What's more, Fleet Link's mobile and tablet-friendly interface means it's easy to use wherever they are on board. 

The Fleet Link advantage:

  • Monitor the status of onboard Fleet Xpress connectivity with its user-friendly dashboard.
  • Identify when and why the satellite signal is blocked. Fleet Link does not rely on satellite connectivity. It will show onboard crew the status of the connection and, if necessary, how to get back online.
  • See when the vessel automatically switches to FleetBroadband L-Band network.
  • Fix problems with the built-in troubleshooting wizard and FAQs.

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